What is a Shortfill E-liquid?

So, what exactly is a Shortfill E-liquid? We'll cover all the basics in todays blog, the type of devices they are best used with and how to use them.

5 Minute read

Smoking VS Vaping, the facts.

Everybody knows that stopping smoking is one of the best moves you can make to improve your health and we look at what the evidence says about the part vaping can play in a successful quit attempt.

5 Minute read

Vape Batteries, Explained.

Batteries, the most important part of any vape. We'll run through the basics in todays blog all things batteries.

3 Minute read

Vape Mods, the beginners guide

Confused about vape mods? We've covered the basics in this beginners guide.

4 Minute read

Vape Tanks Explained

Confused which tank you need? We’ll cover all the basics in this handy guide.

5 Minute Read

Nic Salts, what you need to know.

Nic salts, not sure what they are? we'll give you the low down in this handy guide.

3 minute read.