10mg Nic Salts

10mg Nic Salts are considered medium strength, nic salts are ideal for use with pod and starter vape kits. Compared to regular E-liquids, nicotine salts provide a much smoother vape at higher nicotine strengths, this makes the vape much more pleasant whilst delivering a near instant nicotine fix.

Prime vapes UK stock a large selection of 10mg nic salts from all the best brands in a variety of flavours.

361 products

361 products

10mg nic salt E liquid UK

10mg nicotine salt strength e-liquids are often recommended to light smokers that would usually smoke 10 or less cigarettes a day. The throat hit is quite mild whilst the flavour of the vape remains strong. 

10mg nic salts are best enjoyed in a low power setup, vape pod kits are often the most popular choice for nic salts, these type of kits are small, compact and super easy to maintain. 

There is a huge selection of E-liquid flavours available in 10mg nic salt strength, you can find anything from simple tobacco nic salts to fruits, desserts and menthol flavours. New vapers often start with a simple tobacco flavour to resemble the familiar flavour of a cigarette.