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Top 10 Shortfills of 2023

Top 10 Shortfills of 2023

As we are reaching the last few months of 2023, we want to round up our top ten shortfills of the year. So much can change within one year so we like to keep our favourites updated regularly. There may be some top class e-liquids you’re familiar with and some new fan favourites, so whether you’re reading this blog to help decide which e-liquid to purchase next or just want to see what the top winners are this year, it’s definitely worth giving it a read. All of our choices are based on our top sellers, best customer reviews, and our staff ratings to make sure the e-liquids are the best of the best. In this list we will discuss the full flavour overview, the ratio, what our customers are saying, and what our staff love about them.

All of our shortfills range in prices with deals such as 2 for £20, 2 for £25, and some 2 for £15 too. All of our shortfills come as 0mg and are nic shot ready. You can check out all of our available nic shots here.

What is a shortfill e-liquid?

Since the TPD (tobacco products directive) regulations released, e-liquid manufactures are not allowed to have a nicotine filled e-liquid larger than 10ml. This is where shortfills come in. Shortfill e-liquid is featured in a bottle a little it bigger than its contents (for example 100ml in a 120ml bottle) to allow room for added nicotine booster shots, hence the name short-fill. These nic shots are 10ml and contain up to 20mg of nicotine. Once added, the nic shots make 120ml of e-liquid with nicotine in.


10 Cyber Rabbit Xenon 100ml by JAKD
9 Caramel Blondie 100ml by Fugly But Sweet
8 Contra 100ml by Wick Liquor
7 Blue Raspberry 100ml by Drip
6 Lemon Lime Sorbet 100ml by Nexus
5 Raspberry Bubblegum Slush 100ml by Slushie
4 Purple Rain 100ml by Bateman’s
3 Black Flag Risen 100ml by Five Pawns
2 Custard Slice 100ml by Bateman’s
1 Blue Razz Berry 100ml by Seriously Fruity


Number 10

Cyber Rabbit Xenon 100ml by JAKD

jakd 100ml xenon

This e-liquid was only released in September 2023 but its made a huge impact when it comes to MTL shortfill users. JAKD is a brand made by Dispergo which was created to really jack up the flavour of all of their most popular ranges, including Cyber Rabbit.

Flavour Overview: Blueberry, Pomegranate

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 50VG/50PG

Price: £14.97 or 2 for £25

This e-liquid is truly double concentrated and you can definitely taste it. The blueberries are so sharp and leave a tingle in your mouth which pairs perfectly with the fresh pomegranate. The flavour is so fruity and truly exceptional compared to many other liquids with the same flavour profile. Paired with the 10ml nic salt version of this e-liquid, this shortfill is a true party in the mouth. As this e-liquid is mixed to a 50VG/50PG ratio it’s suitable for the majority of kits. You can customise the thickness slightly with different nic shots to meet your need. One of our staff members hasn’t stopped vaping this since it was released,

“The flavour is genuinely stronger than any other shortfill I’ve tried”

Number 9

Caramel Blondie 100ml by Fugly But Sweet

fugly caramel blondie 100ml

It would be impossible to not include one of the best dessert e-liquids into this list. Caramel Blondie by Fugly has received beaming reviews since it was released, the shortfill and the nic salt. Another delight created by Dispergo, it has so much complexity and layers that it really outshines many other dessert e-liquids.

Flavour Overview: Caramel, Fudge, White Chocolate

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £14.97 or 2 for £25

You don’t need to look any further for a gooey, warm, delicious dessert. Caramel Blondie has the most perfect combination of sweet caramel, warm fudge, and creamy white chocolate. It really offers an indulgent, creamy paradise. All of the fugly range are available in 10ml nic salts, too. All of the Fugly e-liquids are such high quality when it comes to ingredients, taste, and even label design. You’re guaranteed a delicious liquid when you choose Fugly. Being mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio means that this shortfill is best suited to high-powered sub-ohm devices. This liquid will create delicious, large, warm clouds for a truly sensational experience when used in a sub-ohm device. Bruce M. has to say,

“Excellent smooth vape and not overly sweet”

Number 8

Contra 100ml by Wick Liquor

contra 100ml by wick liquor

Would this really be a top ten list without the mention of one of the oldest yet most highly rated vaping brands of all time? Wick Liquor have been huge players in the vaping industry for years and the majority of seasoned vapers will know Wick Liquor. There’s a reason why they’ve stayed relevant for so long with such high standards for their e-liquid.

Flavour Overview: Citrus Fruits, Floral Notes

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £14.97 or 2 for £25

You wouldn’t think it from the name of this e-liquid, but Contra is a really deep and developed flavour. With tangy citrus notes paired with floral flavours, it’s such a refreshing and enlightening liquid. The floral notes are based on roses which may seem odd to include in an e-liquid, but it just works. The citrus is heavily complemented by the floral flavour and is really hard to get bored of. This e-liquid is created as 70VG/30PG making it perfect for sub-ohm vapers. If you’re loving the sound of this e-liquid but not sue whether to commit yet you can purchase a 10ml nic salt version of Contra to give it a go. All of Wick Liquors 10ml e-liquid are available to try here.

Number 7

Blue Raspberry 100ml by Drip

drip 100ml by blue raspberry

Drip are perfect at making e-liquids exactly as they say on the tin. You can expect no less or no more than the stated flavour which makes them one of the most popular brands here at Prime Vapes. Their Blue Raspberry flavour is no different. Created in the UK, Drip are a great brand creating simple yet flavourful e-liquids.

Flavour Overview: Straight Blue Raspberry

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £11.98 or 2 for £20

Sometimes simple is better and there’s no other liquid that proves it just as well as Blue Raspberry by Drip. It’s the most perfect blue raspberry, sweet enough to give into that craving but not sickly to the point where you won’t want to vape it all day. Blue raspberry, although being one of the most popular flavours, is hard to get just right, however we think Drip hit the nail on the head here. As a 70VG/30PG ratio e-liquid it’s best suited to sub-ohm vaping as the coils will be able to wick the e-liquid perfectly to create thick and tasty clouds. Drip Blue Raspberry is one of our top sellers in the blue raspberry category and is constantly flying off the shelves therefore is rightly included in this list.

Number 6

Lemon Lime Sorbet 100ml by Nexus

lemon lime sorbet 100ml by nexus

This one goes out to all of our ice lovers. Nexus is well known in the industry, created by Pod Salt who have been huge in the nic salt and shortfill industry for a while. Nexus pride themselves on creating real blends that unique and taste the same the whole way through. For lovely summer flavours and refreshing tastes you need to shop Nexus.

Flavour Overview: Lemon, Lime, Icy Sorbet

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £11.98 or 2 for £20

This e-liquid is a light dessert that is super refreshing and perfect for summer months (or all year round if you don’t mind a touch of ice). The lemon and lime taste obviously juicy and provide that tang of zest throughout the vape. Everyone knows that when you blend delicious, zesty fruit into an icy and sweet sorbet, you’d be missing out not giving it a go. This e-liquid is chilling and so refreshing and is easily an all day vape. This e-liquid (and the rest of the Nexus shortfill range) work best in sub-ohm set ups because of the high VG which makes the e-liquid thick. Using this in a sub-ohm set up will provide large clouds that are thick and full of flavour. David has to say,

“I’ve had this a few times now, really nice and refreshing flavour.”.

Number 5

Raspberry Bubblegum Slush 100ml by Slushie

raspberry bubblegum 100ml by slushie

Slushie are huge players in the manufacturing of e-liquids industry. Well known for their 100ml shortfills and their 10ml nic salts, Slushie have consistently created delicious flavours over and over, with many people claiming they’ve never had a bad flavour from Slushie. With such a huge range of flavours its hard to make a choice, that’s why Raspberry Bubblegum is on the list.

Flavour Overview: Raspberry Bubblegum, Slush

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £11.98 or 2 for £20

You’ll be absolutely blown away when trying this e-liquid. There’s no fake aftertaste like many other bubblegum e-liquids and tastes just like the real thing. The bubblegum is infused with a tart raspberry that’s so indulgent and inviting. Unlike bubblegum that loses its flavour after a few chews, this e-liquid tastes absolutely amazing no matter how many puffs you take crowning it one of the best all day vape flavours. Unlike many other ‘slush’ flavours, these e-liquid isn’t just harsh ice. The slush flavour genuinely feels like you’re sipping a cold slushy in the sun. As a high VG e-liquid we recommend using this in a high powered sub-ohm kit. This will allow you to get the maximum flavour and best experience.

Number 4

Purple Rain 100ml by Bateman’s

purple rain 100ml by batemans occult owl

Purple Rain created by Bateman’s has been in peoples number 10 for years so it definitely deserves a spot in this list. This e-liquid used to be in our Occult Owl range and has now been rebranded into Bateman’s however its the same amazing tasting e-liquid. Bateman’s e-liquid was designed, created, and manufactured here in the UK. A lot of thought goes into the recipes which is obvious when vaping it.

Flavour Overview: Raspberries, Blackcurrants, Grapes

Size: 100ml

Ratio 70VG/30PG

Price £14.97 or 2 for £25

Purple Rain is the embodiment of a highly crafted fruit flavour that encompasses sweet raspberries and mixed dark fruits infused into a tangy blackcurrant juice paired with crunchy and juicy grapes. The flavour is immensely strong and really produces the best flavoured clouds. Being a fruity blend, this e-liquid is hard to get sick of. Purple Rain is simply one of the best mixed fruit flavours available. This is backed up by the 59 5 star reviews available. As this e-liquid is mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio it’s best suited to a sub-ohm set up. Using a sub-ohm set up will produce the best flavoured and thickest clouds. Ryan F. has to say,

“Perfect Juice

Hands down the best flavour around. Great sweet taste that you can pull on all day without any overpowering sugary chemical aftertaste like other brands. Goes easy on the coils too, since vaping purple rain I get considerably longer lifespan on my coils whereas other juices would just chew through them. Easiest the highest quality juice around and now I refuse to vape anything else.”.

Number 3

Black Flag Risen 100ml by Five Pawns

black flag risen 100ml by five pawns

Five Pawns have been creating e-liquid for years. All of their e-liquids are created in California, USA using incredibly high quality ingredients. Five Pawns have enlightened generations of vapers over 12 years making them one of the longest standing liquid manufacturers. Five Pawns have crazily complex flavours that have deep, complex flavours. Black Flag Risen in particular is a really complex e-liquid and is the most popular flavour in the Five Pawns range here at Prime Vapes.

Flavour Profile: Tobacco, Coffee, Vanilla, Walnut

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 50VG/50PG

Price: £14.97 or 2 for £25

This e-liquid is comprised of an earthy tobacco infused with warm coffee, tasty cocoa, and vanilla topped off with aromatic walnut. The reason why this e-liquid is so popular is because of how well these flavours merge and blend together. The tobacco and coffee create a strong base that’s followed through by hints of the cocoa and immersed with the vanilla and walnut. This is a perfect e-liquid for people who love a tobacco base with hints of creamy goodness. This liquid along with the rest of the Five Pawns range is a 50VG/50PG ratio making them suitable for use in all kits. You can customise your vaping experience by adding different nic shots, too.

Number 2

Custard Slice 100ml by Bateman’s

custard slice 100ml by batemans west country dairy co

Another classic from Bateman’s, Custard Slice has been popular for years. There are nearly 100 reviews on this amazing e-liquid averaging at 4.9 stars! All dessert lovers need to try this UK born and bred e-liquid. Bateman’s Custard Slice was originally in the West Country Dairy Co range, but has been rebranded although it’s the same great e-liquid.

Flavour Profile: Thick Vanilla Custard, Flaky Pastry, Sticky Finger Icing

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £14.97 or 2 for £25

Imagine a thick slice of set, creamy, wobbly custard sandwiched in-between flakey and sweet pastry topped off with sticky finger icing, that’s Custard Slice. If your mouth isn’t watering yet (mine is just writing this) then don’t worry because the rest of Bateman’s custard range is so amazing you’ll definitely find a new dessert favourite. The custard is sweet and creamy, you won’t want to put this flavour down. We’ve included this e-liquid in our top 3 because of the sheer popularity and likeness to the real dessert. As this e-liquid is a 70VG/30PG ratio it’s best suited to a sub-ohm kit that can produce high power and high heat to make sure you get the thickest, fluffiest clouds possible. James S. has to say:

“The best.

This is quite simply the best e-liquid money can buy. There is nothing more to say. Outstanding.”

Number 1

Blue Razz Berry 100ml by Seriously Fruity

blue razz berry 100ml by seriously fruity

It would be a crime to not include this shortfill in our top 10 list. This e-liquid has outsold many of its peers for a while and for good reason. The Seriously range by Doozy has been popular for years and spans over a few different ranges. However, the Seriously Fruity range is definitely the most popular, especially Blue Razz Berry. With gleaming 5 star reviews, Blue Razz Berry is definitely one of the best blue raspberry 100ml money can buy.

Flavour Profile: Sweet Blue Raspberry

Size: 100ml

Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Price: £11.98 or 2 for £20

Blue Razz Berry is a truly brilliant e-liquid. The blue raspberry is an actual authentic blue raspberry flavour with no extra added flavours. As this e-liquid is created by Doozy, as you can expect, it’s super high quality and is one of the most popular flavours they create. Blue Razz Berry has been wowing vapers for years being the juiciest blue razz out there. Existing a long time before disposable vapes, this e-liquid hasn’t been stripped of any flavour and is super full bodied and brilliant. With hundreds of bottles sold a week you can guarantee a smooth and juicy vape with Blue Razz Berry. Mixed to a 70VG/30PG ratio, Blue Razz Berry is perfect for sub-ohm kits and high powered kits that will create truly flavourful clouds which are large and thick. Anthea M. says,

“Awesome Vape Juice

This is a really good blue razz taste, possibly 1 of the best out there for me…”

Lauren S. has to say,

“Doozy Vapes,

This is made by doozy so as you would expect the quality is on point, rammed with flavour and tastes so good.

So, that rounds up our top ten shortfills of this year (so far), I hope you find your new favourite, or maybe your favourite is already in here. It’s hard to round all of the shortfills into a top 10 as their are so many different ones to try that suit so many different flavour pallets. With so many different ranges and brands we can’t feature them all, but you can check all of them out on our website. Other great brands we feature are Fugly, Donut King, Just Jam, Unreal, and many, many more.

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