About Us

Our Background

Prime vapes has developed a large following within the vaping community and has a reputation for producing high quality liquids that are not only true to their description but, at an affordable price. Topped off with industry leading customer service, you can count on us to supply you with your favorite all day vape.

Our Ethos

Our primary mission is to bring our customers the best, the very best. Have you ever purchased Eliquid that's described as a apple pie, but tastes more like a pork pie? Or a Eliquid that sounds fantastic but tastes more like thin air with a hint of strawberry? Yeah, us too. If we tell you its a strawberry,  its going to jump out of the bottle and slap you in the face screaming "i am a strawberry and what are you going to do about?" Because no one wants a bland, boring juice do they?  


Our tasty Eliquids are manufactured to the highest standards using quality EU approved ingredients. Each and every ingredient that makes its way in to one of our bottles has been hand picked for its quality. We'll only ever use the best, the very best. No matter what the cost. We'll never settle for anything less.

Each and every recipe has been through rigorous sampling, tweaking and observations. Months, years even, of hard work and dedication to producing the mind blowing-ly accurate flavours we sell with pride. No single flavour, cartoon label over-hyped nonsense.

Each small batch is carefully mixed and bottled in a professionally certified, purpose built ISO Class 7 production facility and steeped prior to being available for sale.