about us

About Us

A passion for vaping.

Our background.

Prime Vapes was born way back in 2016. When Lee, our director, developed a passion for mixing E liquid. Originally with the intention of supplying just a few close friends and family members in his free time. What was a hobby very quickly turned in to a full time business. The word spread that his flavours are delicious and at that point his feet didn't touch the floor.

Lee rapidly began to receive many more orders for his liquids than he could physically keep up with and it became apparent that he'd need to begin turning customers away or quit his day job to keep up with the orders. After much deliberation and many sleepless nights Prime Vapes was born.

We've made a real mark in the industry since and gained a large following of loyal customers.

Fast forward a few years and Prime Vapes has expanded rapidly, we now carry thousands of liquids, nic salts, mods, kits, tanks and accessories that we sell with pride.

We're on a mission.

All of our staff share Lee's passion for vaping, we're ran by vapers for vapers. The products we produce in house are manufactured to the highest standard in our independently commissioned ISO class 7 cleanroom facility. All of our ingredients have been hand picked for their quality and sourced from reputable UK, EU and USA manufacturers that offer full product traceability.

Our E liquids undergo an extremely strict quality control process, many of the liquids we sell today have been through multiple versions and blind taste tests before they finally hit the shelf. Each and every flavour we release has to have the wow factor immediately on tasting it, they need to be strong, bold, smooth and punchy. We strive for absolute perfection and nothing less.

Our mission is simple, to make flavours that taste exactly as they are described.

No more gambling on large bottles of liquid, that may or may not taste as described.

At Prime Vapes what you get, is what you see. Guaranteed.

It's not just E-liquid.

It's Excellence, bottled.

Same Day Shipping

In a rush? We've got you. Just order by 3:30pm and we'll ship it right away.

Secure Payments

Worry free payments. All payments are secure and encrypted, we are PCI compliant.

Award Winning

Multi award winning online vape shop, our friendly staff are here to help.