Elfa Prefilled Pods By Elf Bar

The Elfa Prefilled pods are compatible with the Elfa and Elfa Pro rechargeable pod kit by Elf Bar.

Sold in packs of two, the Elfa pre filled pods feature a mesh coil for outstanding flavour, the Elfa pods are available in a large variety of flavours, many of them the same as the popular elf bar disposable vapes.

Each pod is filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, which provides around 600 puffs per pod. 

The Elfa pods have a magnetic base, making them super easy to install in your Elfa kit, simply push the pod in and vape away. No need to change the coils or mess around filling it up with e-liquid.

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About Elfa Pods

The Elfa kit by Elf Bar is an awesome choice for anyone that enjoys a disposable vape and would like to save a considerable about of money. What’s more, these kits will not only save you a few quid they are also much kinder on the planet too. When you vape a traditional disposable vape after its finished many of those end up in landfill, with the Elfa pod kit, the battery can be recharged over and over again drastically reducing the amount of single use lithium batteries being sent to landfill.

The Elfa kit uses pre-filled disposable pods, which are easily inserted into the top of the device and held in place by magnets. The pre-filled Elfa pods are available in 22 flavours, many of which are the exact same flavours you’ll find in the Elf Bar disposable vapes, along with some new flavours unique to the Elfa Kits. The pods are available in a pack of two, costing half the price of a disposable per pod. With each pod lasting up to 600 puffs, the same as an Elf bar vape, it’s easy to see what these kits are a popular choice.

Elfa kits comes supplied with one free pod per device, usually Blue Razz lemonade and are available in several striking colour options, from the more subtle plain black, to the aurora series of colours which feature a stylish blend of two colours.

The Elfa kits do not come supplied with a charging cable to keep the price low, however they can be charged easily with a regular USB Type-C charger, which is commonly used with many electronic devices, such as the Samsung smartphones.

An Elfa Pod is essentially a rechargeable Elf Bar vape. The kit houses a rechargeable battery and uses pre-filled disposable pods which are available in lots of flavours, based on the popular Elf bar disposable vape flavours.