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The Best Vape Kits For Zero Nicotine Vaping

The Best Vape Kits For Zero Nicotine Vaping

If you’ve decided that you want to vape zero nicotine using a refillable kit, then this list of the top 5 vape kits for 0mg vapers is for you. Included in this list is a variety of kits, with super simple and efficient pod kits to big, sub-ohm kits. Each kit will include a description, and a note stating the best suited people for each kit. If by the end of this blog you are still struggling to make your mind up, then contact our helpful team through live chat or our office phone number which we would be happy to help you through. Each of the kits on this list were decided through staff picks, customer favourites, reliability, and affordability.

Number 5 - Flexus AIO by Aspire

black flexus aio by aspire

The Flexus range of kits have dated back a few years, with the famous Flexus Blok and the Flexus Q, and now the Flexus AIO. The ‘AIO’ stands for All-In-One, which it most definitely is. The Flexus AIO is a brilliant kit for people who vape zero nicotine as it’s suitable for MTL (mouth to lung) and RDTL (restricted direct to lung) vaping styles. This means that you’ll have a more varied vaping experience and you’re not restricted to one style of vaping.

The Flexus AIO features a top-fill refillable pod that features removable coils. The Flexus AF coil is available in two different resistances, 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm. The 0.6ohm coils allow for a more loose draw with exceptional flavour, while the 1.0ohm coils offer a tighter draw. If you love the icy kick of your 0mg e-liquid then the 1.0ohm will offer a stronger menthol kick for your throat. Other great features include a huge 2000mAh battery, adjustable airflow, variable wattage, and USB-C fast charging.

Who suits the Flexus AIO?

If you’re someone looking to vape 50/50 e-liquids with flexible customisation then the Flexus AIO is for you. It features an XL pod that holds more liquid than usual, customisable wattage modes, and such a large battery that you won’t need to worry about constantly charging your kit. The Flexus AIO is a solid piece of kit that suits people looking to advance in their vaping journey.


Number 4 - Eco Nano by Vaporesso

eco nano by vaporesso in sparkling purple

You’ll notice Vaporesso popping up a lot in this list, and it’s for good reason. They offer such a versatile range of kits that suit many different vaping styles and their hardware is top-notch quality. The Eco Nano is a brilliant starter kit for anyone and will help you stick to your zero nicotine habit. The Eco Nano certainly packs a punch for such a small kit, so don’t underestimate its reliability and efficiency.

The Eco Nano features a large 1000mAh battery, something that’s not obvious by it’s small size. As it’s such a small kit, the Eco Nano fits brilliantly in your bag or pocket, and is not much bigger than a Lost Mary disposable vape. With no confusing buttons, this kit is perfect for people who just want to pay simple prices for a simple yet brilliant kit. There are 2 types of Eco Nano pod, the 0.8ohm and the 1.2ohm pod. Amazingly, this little pod kit features 6ml XL pods! This means you can fit over half of a regular 10ml bottle in one refill making it perfect for people who don’t want to constantly refill their device. Some other great features include; no confusing buttons or screens (LED light only), simple bottom fill pods, and USB-C fast charging.

Who suits the Eco Nano?

People who are looking for a super simple kit with a big e-liquid capacity suit the Eco Nano the most. As there’s no adjustable wattage, screens, or buttons, the Eco Nano suits someone who prefers a simple, easy to use and maintain device, with no quirks or hassle.


Number 3 - Gen 200 220w iTank 2 Edtn

gen 200 itank 2 edition by vaporesso in sliver

Another extraordinary kit made by Vaporesso, the magnificent Gen 200 is a brilliant kit to get you into the swing of sub-ohm vaping. With its incredible 220 maximum wattage, GTI coil compatibility, and a sleek and subtle design, the Gen 200 iTank 2 edtn is a perfect kit for cloud chasers and flavour-ravers alike, perfect for DTL (direct to lung) vaping. As this kit features the brand new iTank 2, you get incredible flavour performance and increased coil lifespan.

If you love 0mg shortfill e-liquid that offers a high VG content then this kit is for you. Only requiring 2 18650 batteries, the Gen 200 offers a long battery life that can cope with high wattage vaping. There are 4 separate modes available, pulse mode, flavour enhancing mode, smart mode, and even DIY mode. All of these modes allow a much more varied experience when paired with the adjustable wattage featured on the iTank 2. The mod itself features a beautiful 0.96” TFT screen allowing you to customise your kit in any light. The screen displays vital information like your wattage, battery life, mode, and other great things. If you’re looking for a highly recommend and staff tested kit, then the Gen 200 is a perfect place to start.

Who suits the Gen 200 iTank 2 Edition?

This beefy kit suits people who are advanced vapers or have good knowledge on how to maintain a high performance kit. Sub-ohm kits require good care and cleaning, whether you use nicotine e-liquid or not. Anyone who enjoys a sturdy yet lightweight kit will love this Gen 200. Make sure you use high VG e-liquids (70VG/30PG, 80VG/20PG) when using the iTank 2 as the coils are designed for thick, sub-ohm liquid.


Number 2 - Xros 3 Mini by Vaporesso

xros 3 mini by vaporesso in space grey

The Xros line of kits have grown in popularity in recent years, with each kit improving on the last. The Xros range is notoriously brilliant for people wanting a simple to use and maintain kit that has a similar feel to disposable vapes and cigarettes. Due to the slim rectangular size, the Xros Mini 3 fits perfectly in your pocket, bag, and most importantly, your hand. The main reason people (especially our customers) love this kit is because of the long lasting coils that are featured in the disposable pods. You don’t have to worry about fiddly coils with the Xros, they’re built into the pods. There are 4 types of Xros pods available, making your vaping experience surprisingly customisable for such a small and compact kit. 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm, and 1.2ohm are the different pod resistances. The lower resistances like 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm will offer an airier draw and allow you to get more vapour per puff, whereas the higher resistances will offer a tighter draw which imitates disposable vapes and cigarettes.

Don’t worry about faffing around with coils, pods, or e-liquid, as all you need to do to fill up the Xros pod is simply snap the mouthpiece off and refill the 2ml pod. This little kit packs a punch, offering a large 1000mAh battery, and a simple LED light that indicates the level of charge by changing colour. Red means 0%-30%, blue is 30%-70%, and green is 70%-100%. This way you’ll always know when to recharge your kit and you’ll never have to go without.

Who suits the Xros 3 Mini?

The Xros 3 Mini is best suited to people who like a simple kit that imitates the feel of a disposable vape or a cigarette. Anyone who uses 0mg 50/50 vape juice will suit this kit. There’s little maintenance required and no changing coils, making the Xros a brilliant starter kit with a surprising amount of flexibility due to the 4 different pods available.


Number 1 - Luxe X Pro by Vaporesso

luxe x pro pod kit by vaporesso in white

The Luxe X Pro is the allrounder of vape kits. This great piece of kit allows for MTL, RDTL, and DTL vaping. The Luxe X Pro features some advanced features, while still remaining as an easy to use pod kit. Being such a versatile kit, the Luxe X Pro can be used as a simple pod kit, a more in depth kit, or both. There’s buttons to adjust your wattage, but the kit will recommend the correct wattage for the inserted pod, so you don’t need to faff around with it if you don’t want. There’s also a choice between pods fitted with coils, and pods that are empty that allow you to fit your own coil. This is a game changer as it allows you to have full control over your preferred resistance, your waste, and your spending. The Luxe X Pro can be as simple or as in-depth as you like.

As this kit can reach up to 40w, you’re able to use lower resistance pods (0.4ohm) or lower resistance GTX coils (0.3ohm) to achieve a DTL experience with thicker e-liquid like 70VG/30PG. With the minimum wattage being 5w, you’re able to go for a high resistance pod like the 0.8ohm for a smooth MTL vape with thinner 0mg liquid. All Luxe replacement pods feature a whopping 5ml capacity too, so you can fit much more e-liquid than most vapes. This is especially great for people who are using the Luxe X Pro as a DTL vape. 

Who suits the Luxe X Pro?

The Luxe X Pro suits people who enjoy a bit of both, with opportunities to use thinner e-liquid and thicker e-liquid. The Luxe X Pro is a versatile kit that can grow alongside your vaping experience. This kit suits beginners and advanced users alike, with the choice of built in coils and removable coils allowing for a customisable and simplified experience.


There are many great kits on this list offering different levels of expertise, whether you’re new to 0mg vaping, or a heavily seasoned cloud chaser, the variety of kits that benefit zero nicotine vapers are only growing, so always be on the look out for great, new hardware.

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