Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm tanks are a very popular choice with many UK vapers due to the intense flavour they are capable of producing. These vape tanks are super simple to maintain, Sub ohm tanks use disposable coils heads that can simply be replaced when they burn out. Refilling is easy and mess free with most popular brands using the top fill method.

Sub-ohm tanks are best paired with high VG shortfill E-liquids containing zero (0mg, 0%) or 3mg nicotine. 

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Sub Ohm Tanks UK

A sub-ohm tank delivers a high wattage direct-to-lung (DTL) style vape which tends to produce dense clouds of vapour. It relies on high airflow to the coil and a VG-heavy E Liquid. The bore of the drip tip (the hole in the bit you put into your mouth) is wide to allow a large volume of vapour to be inhaled.

Sub Ohm vape tanks are essentially tanks that use coils below one ohm resistance, hence the name sub ohm, meaning less than one ohm resistance. 

Most sub ohm tanks feature an airflow adjustment ring located at the top or bottom of the tank, allowing your to tune in your preferred draw.

Sub ohm tanks come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours, by a whole host of brands. Stainless steel tanks are the most popular choice as they are very easy to keep clean. 

The majority of sub ohm tanks come with a wide bore drip tip as standard, to further enhance the airflow and flavour.