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      Vape pod kits are ideal for new vapers making the transition from smoking to vaping, these vape kits offer unbeatable value for money. For the most part, no extra equipment is needed, just fill with your chosen E-liquid or nic salt juice and you're good to go.

      The vape pod itself is an all in one device, made up of a battery and a disposable pod with an inbuilt vape coil. You pod will come supplied with a USB charging cable allowing you to conveniently charge your pod on the fly.

      Our selection of 20mg nicotine salts are an ideal combination with you pod for customers looking to quit smoking. 

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      Pod vape kits are small, innovative all in one vape pens. The contain a built in powerful battery that can be easily charged with a USB cable. 

      Vape pod kits are the middle ground between basic vape pens and large box mod kits, thanks to the all in one design they contain everything you need to get going in one compact, sleek little vapes. Pod kits are available in all different shapes and sizes, from small pen styles to larger more powerful options. 

      Most Pod kits feature a refillable pod, some pod kits use refillable pods that are totally disposable, other types contain a pod that uses replacement coils. 

      More recently, there are even disposable vape pods where the whole device and pod is disposable, this type of pod kit is not refillable.

      The best e-liquid to use with a vape pod kit is a nic salt eliquid. Most nicotine salt e-liquids are mixed to a 50/50 ratio which is perfet for pod kits. Furthermore, due to the low power output that most pod kits provide, high nicotine strengths are recommended. Nicotine salt e-liquids remain smooth on the throat even at high strengths. for these reasons, the majority of vapers use nic salts in a vape pod kit.

      Vape pods are the most popular type of vape kit because they provide a very similar experience to smoking a cigarette when paired with a nic salt eliquid. Pod kits tend to be very small and light making them convenient to carry around, the majority of pod kits also come supplied with everything you need to get going in one package for a very reasonable price.