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      Shop our wide range of quality vape tanks in the UK, that have been manufactured to give reliable, long-term service. We have striven to source the best kit manufactured by the most reputable vape brands such as Vaporesso, Geekvape and Aspire. 

      We cater for all types of vapers from flavour chasers to cloud chuckers with our large selection of MTL and sub-ohm tanks.

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      A vape tank, commonly referred to as an atomiser (or more simply ‘atty’), is the most important part of your vape kit. It holds the juice and, through a combination of the coil used and the airflow, delivers the kind of vape experience you need. Your experience will be dictated by the vape tank – whether you are after the simplicity in use offered by something that uses replaceable coil heads or like to build your own coils and tailor the airflow to your particular need.

      Smokers beginning vaping for the first time tend to find that a mouth to lung (MTL) experience most closely replicates the feeling of smoking. This can be achieved through using a MTL tank combination with our MTL e-Liquids. That said, many smokers find instant satisfaction switching over to a cloudy sub-ohm vape. It may take a bit of experimentation to find your ideal vape experience – some stick with the first atomiser they try while others build up huge collections.

      The tanks house a coil with a cotton wick passed through the middle or wrapped around the outside of it. Electricity flows through the wire when the mod button is depressed. The wire resists the flow of the electricity and this resistance cause the wire to heat up. The cotton draws E Lliquid from the tank until it is saturated. The heat from the coil causes the E Liquid to evaporate. Drawing air with your mouth on the drip tip pulls air in through the tank’s air holes, over the coil and into your lungs.

      Some vape tanks fill from the top, which means you don’t have to remove the tank from the mod when your juice runs low. Other tanks have a bottom filling system. It comes down to personal preference to which you will prefer.

      Many vape tanks now have an adjustable air ring. This means you are able to fine tune the air flowing over the coil so, in conjunction with being able to adjust the wattage from the mod, you can dial in what works best for you.