IQOS ILUMA Heated Tobacco

IQOS ILUMA are a range of products that have introduced heat-not-burn technologies to their devices utilising real tobacco, making going smoke free easier than ever. IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco devices are exclusively compatible with IQOS Terea sticks, which contain real tobacco.

Heat-not-burn products only heat up the tobacco which stops the tar from burning and getting into your lungs. Terea sticks make the use of tobacco less harmful for you and those around you.

Requiring no cleaning, the new ILUMA kit shines brighter than any of the previous heat-not-burn technologies. No cleaning, less smell, the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE are vaping alternatives that have helped thousands of people across the globe do away with smoking cigarettes once and for all.

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Who are IQOS?

IQOS are a brand that specify in creating heat-not-burn tobacco sticks and heated tobacco devices. They’ve been engineering and continuously making upgrades to their devices for over 10 years, and that’s where the IQOS ILUMA come in. The ILUMA are the brand new set of devices created by IQOS that require no cleaning or maintenance. This makes the ILUMA range the cleanest and most satisfying heat-not-burn tobacco devices on the market.

All About Heat-Not-Burn

Heat-not-burn is a term that refers to the act of heating up tobacco instead of lighting it and the cigarette creating smoke. When tobacco is burned it created smoke. Smoke carries carcinogenic material like tar, which is not detected when only heating tobacco. The real tobacco inside Terea sticks is soaked with a liquid called VG, so when its heated you get the full taste of tobacco and the full nicotine hit without the majority of harmful chemicals that are created when tobacco is burned. You still get a fully authentic tasting cigarette using an IQOS kit, so you don’t need to worry about compromising flavour or nicotine when making a better choice for your health. 

Cost Effectiveness

Each Terea stick contains the same amount of nicotine as regular cigarettes, pre-rolled or hand-rolled. As well as nicotine amount, Terea sticks will offer you the same amount of puffs per stick as a usual cigarette. With this being said, when you look at the prices of a pack of 20 cigarettes (averaging at £11.85) compared to a pack of 20 Terea sticks (£6) you can see why it’s a no brainer to swap over. You don’t need to compromise on flavour with Terea’s 9 different flavours that branch across three different groups. Save money with Terea and the IQOS ILUMA range.