The Best Nic Salts of 2024

It's been a few years now since nic salts found their popularity in the vaping industry, however they've definitely found their feet now. Nic salts became more well-known in the vaping community when disposable vapes were introduced as they all use smooth nicotine salt. Many people are moving away from traditional freebase e-liquid to nic salts due to the smoothness on the throat they provide, and the quick nicotine delivery. Nic salts are especially popular with people who are quitting smoking, as nic salts provide a similar throat hit and "head rush" cigarettes provide. We made our best nic salts of 2023 list not too long ago, but thought we should kick off this year with the best sellers, trend setters, and old classics. If you're not too sure on what nic salts really are, you can read our useful short guide here to familiarise yourself.

We've originally created this list early in the year, so keep an eye out for updates throughout the year when even more delicious e-liquids are released and more golden oldies rise back up. Our list contains a mixture of brands and price points, as well as a few different flavour profiles. You may recognise a few brands on here as we've included big brands and smaller niche ones, too. We know everyone's taste is different and it's tricky to reduce all of our favourite nic salts to a small list of 10 which means you can trust the e-liquids on this list are top tier. All vape juice on this list has been chosen by our best selling bottles and the reviews of our staff and our customers.

The best strength for a nic salt ultimately depends on you and how much you vape / smoke. However, the majority of new vapers start on 20mg (2%). This is because its the most similar to smoking cigarettes. If you've ever had a disposable vape that contains nicotine, you've more than likely vaped 20mg nicotine. 2% is the highest nicotine strength legally allowed in the UK. It's best suited to people who were heavy smokers or heavy users of disposable vapes. Like the nic salts featured in this list, the majority of nic salts are available in more than just one nicotine strength.

Most brands offer 10mg (1%) and sometimes 5mg (0.5%). These strengths are perfect for gradually cutting down your nicotine intake. Most people find that when they move away from disposables onto a higher-powered pod kit, 10mg is usually enough to keep the nicotine cravings as bay.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a stronger and quicker delivery of nicotine, nic salts are your best bet. Nic salts (unlike 50/50 freebase juice) deliver nicotine much quicker into your blood stream which resembles a cigarette's nicotine delivery. Nic salts tend to be much smoother on the throat too, making many people experience less coughing and sore throats.

You can get higher nicotine strengths with nic salts. Traditional freebase e-liquid usually caps off at 18mg, whereas nic salts are available up to 20mg. Salt nic is definitely much more intense and is more suited to people who need a higher intensity of nicotine. You may get on better with freebase if you prefer lower nicotine strengths, or you're a sub-ohm vaper.

The best devices for nic salts are low powered kits like pod kits or mods with adjustable wattages so you can set the wattage lower. Most nic salts are recommended to be vaped at the 10W-25W mark depending on the nicotine strength and ratio, although the majority of nic salts feature a 50VG/50PG.

Pods kits like Xros 3 mini, the Sonder Q, and the Luxe range of kits pair perfectly with nic salts. They offer a wide range of resistances with a choice of removable coils or built in coils. Pod kits are suitable for beginners and more advanced users as they all contain different levels of customisation. If you're a beginner looking for a coil or pod for your pod kit, the best resistance to use with nic salts is 0.8ohm-1.2ohm as they produce a small amount of vapour and feel similar to disposable vapes.

As nic salts come in a huge range of flavours it may be confusing on which flavour to go with. It's tempting as a former smoker to go back to smoking when you just can't find that flavour that gives you the ultimate satisfaction.

Lots of smokers decide to go with tobacco flavoured e-liquids when starting. This is a great option as the taste helps people feel like they've really had a cigarette. There are so many tobacco flavours, with some of the most popular coming from brands like Pod Salt and No Frills. They both have ranges that include various tobacco and cigar flavours.

Some smokers prefer to stay away from tobacco flavoured e-liquids when choosing a nic salt flavour. This may be because they don't want to be reminded of tobacco. This is where fruits come into play. There are hundreds of fruit and drink inspired nic salts, whether they're focused on disposable style flavours or complex medleys, fruits are a staple flavour when stopping smoking.

The best nic salts of 2024 will more than likely change throughout the year with more and more brands releasing delicious nic salt flavours. The next time we create an updated list, their may be 10 completely new brands taking the spotlight. We hope you found useful information in this blog as it was tricky for us to round all of our favourite juices into a measly list of 10! We've included a mixture of brands, flavour profiles, and price points to give you a rounded view on our favourite nic salts of 2024.

Whether you agree or disagree with our list we really hope you have found new brands to explore, and maybe some flavours to revisit. We have so many different nic salt ranges with countless brands and ranges for you to explore. If you want to dive deeper into different brands, you can read our articles on nic salts here on our news & reviews page.

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The Top 10 Best Nic Salts of 2024