Longfill E-liquid

Longfill e-liquid, also known as shake'n'vape, are 60ml bottles filled with 20ml-40ml of flavour concentrate that you can mix with nicotine shots to create your desired VG/PG ratio. Create 60ml nic salts, freebase, or zero nicotine vape juices. Our longfill collection features big brands like Doozy and work out much cheaper than buying 10ml nic salt bottles.

Some longfill brands, such as Nixer, come with a pack of nicotine shots that will mix your juice to the desired strength without you having to work out which nic shots you need. Longfill concentrates aren't just for seasoned vapers. All types of vapers can enjoy DIY e-liquid, especially if choosing a longfill that comes pre-packcaged with all the nic shots you need. 

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