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The Top Ten Best Elf Bar Flavours

The Top Ten Best Elf Bar Flavours

best elf bar flavours of 2022

Elf bar are arguably the most popular disposable vape brand here in the UK, being available practically anywhere. Elf bar have created amazing and popular flavours that people just can’t seem to get enough of. In this list today we will go through our top 10 picks for the best Elf bar flavours and why, including the strength of the flavour, and the flavours longevity. This list was decided by our staff favourites, and our customers favourites too. If you're looking to explore other brands and flavours, check out our top ten disposable vapes blog.

All of our Elf Bars are £4.99 each, or 3 for £12 in our bundle deal. They all come in 20mg (2%) with 2ml of liquid ready to vape. Once the vape is finished, you can just dispose of the whole thing.


Number 10 - Watermelon 


watermelon disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Fresh Watermelon

Kicking off our list is Watermelon by Elf Bar. The watermelon in this vape is sweet and authentic, giving you a refreshing vape. The sweetness of this vape paired with the ripeness of the watermelon is delicious and popular for this reason. The flavour in this vape stays strong throughout and tastes like an authentic watermelon. This vape would suit people who love simple yet strong flavours.


Number 9 - Strawberry Kiwi 


strawberry kiwi disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Sweet Strawberries, Fresh Kiwi

In our opinion, this Elf Bar really shines with it’s strawberry flavour, with the kiwi adding an extra layer. The strawberries are sweet and ripe tasting and the kiwi is a complementary touch that really amplifies the flavour. This is a great vape to use all day and doesn’t get too overpowering. This vape would suit people who enjoy a varied flavour that they can use all day


Number 8 - Blue Sour Raspberry 


blueberry sour raspberry disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Blue Raspberries, Sour Candy

This vape really boasts it’s amazing blue razz taste, which is strong, powerful, and the flavour really shines through as authentic. The sour candy really compliments the blue raspberries and it really makes your mouth water. This flavour is more complex than others, so would suit someone who loves complex and delicious layers in their vape. 


Number 7 - Cola


cola disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Fizzy Cola

This Cola taste is very authentic and tasty, it really tastes like an original cola from a can. This vape is lovely when used all day, and very hard to get bored of. Some people have likened this vape to a cola bottle sweet which is packed full of flavour. This vape suits people who love simplicity, tasting just like what it says on the tin. If you love a cold cola on a warm day then this vape is perfect for you.


Number 6 - Cotton Candy Ice 


cotton candy ice disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Cotton Candy, Ice

This disposable is what you get when crossing fresh fairground cotton candy with a refreshing kick of ice. Although the combination may seem strange, many people say this is their favourite Elfbar flavour and it’s constantly flying off the shelves. The liquid is sweet and tasty, and the ice just gives it a subtle kick so you get everything out of the flavour. This vape would suit someone with a sweet tooth who loves vaping sweet, cool, and refreshing flavours.


Number 5 - Pineapple Peach Mango


pineapple peach mango disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Pineapple, White Peach, Exotic Mango

This vape is really an exotic medley, full of fresh and tasty fruits. The pineapple adds the sweet sharpnesss, the peach adds a soft touch, and the mango brings the juiciness all together. The flavour is strong and super exotic, feeling like you’ve just vaped a fruit punch. This is more of a complex flavour so would suit people who enjoy getting different flavours when inhaling. 


Number 4 - Kiwi Passionfruit Guava


kiwi passionfruit guava disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Sweet Passionfruit, Juicy Kiwi, Fresh Guava

Although this flavour may seem crazy and unique, it’s quickly become one of the UK’s favourite elf bars. With its perfectly blended taste, this elf bar is refreshing and really tasty. You get a passionfruit and kiwi base, with hints of fresh guava on the exhale which makes an all rounded all-day-vape. This flavour would suit people who love exotic blends, and enjoy a summer treat.


Number 3 - Grape


grape disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Black Grape

For the ultimate simplistic yet flavourful vape, grape is the way to go. This vape really brings out the juiciness and refreshing feel to a real bunch of grapes. The flavour is super strong and perfect for people who don’t want to faff around with flavours, and enjoy a lovely fruity vape. The grape is very strong in this vape and is recommended for people who love the dark juiciness of grape.


Number 2 - Strawberry Ice


strawberry ice disposable vape by elf bar


Flavour Notes: Strawberry, Crushed Ice

Strawberry flavoured vapes have been a staple in the vaping community for quite some time, and for good reason. The strawberry in this vape tastes as if it was just picked, red-ripe and sweet. The ice is an added touch that makes your vaping experience cool and different. If you love an icy kick then this vape is for you. 


Number 1 - Blue Razz Lemonade


blue razz lemonade disposable vape by elf bar


Arguably the most popular elf bar flavour, Blue Razz Lemonade. Blue Razz Lemonade is the staple of Elfbar 600 flavours and is rated very highly. The blue raspberries are sweet and tasty, and they’re blended excellently with traditional lemonade. It’s a unique flavour that’s super strong and will make you just want more. With such a strong and recognisable flavour, you just knew that it had to be number one. 

Elf Bars have risen in popularity due to the simple ease of use, and tasty flavours. With no recharging or refilling required, these vapes are super useful for people looking to get into vaping, or prefer something they don’t have to faff around with. If you’ve used disposables for a while and are looking to get into using a refillable kit, we have many options available on our website. Refillable kits are cheaper in the long run, have unlimited flavours (nic salt and freebase) available, are more customisable, and are kinder to our planet. If you love the flavours in elf bars and don’t want to give them up, try Bar Salts or Bar Juice 5000, they include all of the fan favourite elf bar flavours as 10ml e-liquids for your kit.

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