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A vape kit is the perfect introduction for a new vaper making the transition from smoking to vaping, vape kits are typically made up of everything you need to get you started, whilst some may need a battery and charger to complete the kit, they are often more cost effective than purchasing each item separately.

We stock a variety of vape kits, from vape pod devices and vape pens, to high powered sub ohm vape kits to suit all styles and budgets. Many of our vape kits come with a free e-liquid to get you started. We offer the cheapest hand-picked bundles for people who are unsure to what they need, which contains a kit, e-liquid, and coils and works out cheaper. This way you don't have to wonder which coils fit with each device and your vaping experience is less confusing and more satisfying.

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Vape Kits Explained

Vape kits can be categorised into separate types. Some are more suited to beginners and some more suited to advanced users. Choosing the right kit can be confusing for new vapers, and you may even get overwhelmed by the choice. Below are some different types of vape kits, and information on whom they will suit best. These kits include affordable options that allow you to ease into vaping efficiently and smoothly.

Disposable Vape Kits (Closed Systems)

Disposable kits, sometimes called puff bars or disposables, are great for beginners as they require no maintenance and are ready to go out of the box. Some of the main brands in this category are Elf Bar, Elux, Crystal Bar, and Lost Mary. They are prefilled with e-liquid that is activated just by puffing like a cigarette. These devices include a pre-charged battery that ranges anywhere from 400mAh to 600mAh. The batteries are designed to power the device until the e-liquid runs out (usually 2ml, so 600 puffs on average) then be fully discarded. 

What's Included?

Disposables come in a sealed box ready to vape. All you have to do is open it up and puff. This is why beginners get on so well with them, as they require no more work than cigarettes. 

Who suits this kit?

  • Complete beginners
  • People who don’t want to commit to maintaining a kit
  • People who are dual users (smoke and vape)

Vape Pens (Open Systems)

Vape pens were designed to replicate the physical feel of a cigarette. They are cylindrical e-cigarettes, usually operated with one button, where the tank is refillable and the battery is built in. Many popular brands include Vaporesso, Aspire, Voopoo, and Geekvape. Vape pens can be refilled with a liquid of your choosing, usually a 50/50 ratio e-liquid. These kits are usually designed for MTL (mouth-to-lung) inhalation, like a cigarette. The coils are interchangeable and usually come in varying resistances. This allows you to have more control over your vaping by increasing or decreasing airflow and vapour production. 

What’s Included?

Usually, in a vape pen kit, you’ll receive the mod (the built-in battery), a removable tank that you fill with e-liquid, a coil, and sometimes the manufacturer will include some spare coils and a charging cable. Allowing you to be up and running with your kit in no time. 

Who suits this kit?

  • People who want a more varied vaping experience
  • People wanting to try new e-liquids and flavours
  • People who want a bit more control over their vaping

Pod Kits (Open and Closed Systems)

Pod Mods, as they’re sometimes known, are kits that feature removable pods that can be filled. There are three types of pod kits, one where the coil is interchangeable (like the Flexus Q), one where the pod contains the coil and is interchangeable (like the Xros family), and one that contains a pre-filled pod (like the Elfa kit).

The pod kits that feature interchangeable coils allow you to refill your device like normal and change the coil when it is past its lifespan, but you can keep using the pod itself until it deteriorates. Kits that feature coils built into the pods offer refills until the coil is dead and the whole pod is to be thrown out and replaced. These devices are less prone to leaks, therefor many beginners find this works well for them.

Pods that are pre-filled with e-liquid are designed to be vaped until the pod is empty and then discarded.A pod vape kit will feature a built-in battery that can be charged via USB and usually come at an affordable price. These kits require less maintenance than vape pens, and when paired with a nic salt, they can be an ex-smoker’s best friend.

What’s Included?

A standard pod mod will include the mod itself (the built-in battery), a pod for the device with occasionally some spares, a coil (if applicable), and sometimes a charging cable. Pod mods are really simple to maintain and last for some time.

Who suits this kit?

  • People wanting an easy, to-go device
  • People wanting a small and sleek device
  • People who are transitioning off of disposables and smoking

Sub-Ohm Vape Kits

Sub-ohm kits are advanced kits that allow you to vape at high wattage which introduces large amounts of flavour and massive clouds. These devices offer a vast amount of control, with variable wattage and voltage, temperature control, and airflow control. As they’re high-powered devices, low nicotine strength is required, like 3mg or 6mg. This is because they produce large amounts of vapour meaning you inhale more nicotine. The e-liquid made for sub-ohm vaping is usually 70VG/30PG or higher to create thick clouds and a smoother drag.

Some people enjoy vaping with no nicotine in a sub-ohm kit, as they’ve cut down their nicotine but still need to vape in order not to smoke, or love having full-on flavour. These kits usually require a lot of maintenance, including cleaning and coils changing. Box mods do not usually come with batteries, so they would have to be purchased separately. To maintain safety and the health of your batteries, an external charger is required to charge up your batteries. These reasons a few of why using a sub-ohm kit costs more. However, buying shortfill and nic shots means that you’re able to save more money on juice.

What’s Included?

A sub-ohm kit usually includes the box mod. For a full kit, you would receive the box mod, a suitable tank, replacement o-rings and/or glass. Box mods tend to not come with a charging cable due to them not being built to receive power through the USB port for a long time. 

Who suits this kit?

  • People who enjoy vaping as a hobby
  • People wanting more from a kit, like customisable options
  • People wanting a large battery capacity

The best vape kit for you is subjective on the type of vaper you are. If you think a disposable would suit you, check out our guide on the top ten disposable vapes of 2022. If you think a pod kit would suit you best, then take a look at our best pod kits of this year. If you want to learn more about sub-ohm kits you can check out a few of our useful guides like vape tanks explained, vape mods explained, vape batteries explained, and vape batteries explained. Our guides offer a deep comparison into each product, guiding you in the right direction to the product that will suit you best.