Vape Kits


      A vape kit is the perfect introduction for a new vaper making the transition from smoking to vaping, vape kits are typically made up of everything you need to get you started, whilst some may need a battery and charger to complete the kit, they are often more cost effective than purchasing each item separately.

      We stock a variety of vape kits, from vape pod devices and vape pens, to high powered sub ohm vape kits to suit all styles and budgets.

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      Knowing which type or kit to choose can seem overwhelming and confusing to new vapers, here you can check out the different options and decide which kit is best suited to you.

      Vape pod kits

      These are the perfect starter kit for newbies, best described as an all in one device. Vape pods are super compact and small enough to carry around with you. They typically contain a built in battery so there is no need to faff around with batteries, they can simply be charged via a USB outlet at your desk or from a wall socket. These devices contain a disposable pod that houses a coil, they can be refilled very easily with your favourite E liquid and simply swapped out for a new one when the coil burns out. Paired with a nic salt E liquid this kit will offer and excellent starting point for any smoker looking to quit.

      Vape Pens

      We're sure you've heard about vape pens or seen them around, these are vape kits in their most simple form, they contain a built in battery and function via a single button. Using a vape pen is as simple as filling with your favourite liquid and holding the button as you vape. Vape pens are ideal for those that require a basic kit, paired with a good 50/50 E liquid these kits contain everything you needed to keep you off the cigarettes for good.

      Sub Ohm kits are considered an advanced kit, these kits produce large amounts of flavour and huge clouds. They often don't come supplied with batteries so these will need to be purchased separately, typically a sub ohm kit is made up of a feature rich high power box mod, a sub ohm tank and some replacement coil heads. These kits are best paired with a high VG shortfill E liquid due to the vast amounts of vapour they produce, a low strength nicotine is recommended. 

      The best vape kit for you should be decided based on your preferred style of vaping, those that prefer a tight draw similar to a cigarette would be best suited to a pod kit or a vape pen, whilst those that prefer a very airy draw and maximum flavour would be best suited to a sub ohm kit. The majority of new vapers tend to opt for a pod device for their first kit, they are often considered the middle ground between a vape pen and an advanced kit and offer excellent value for money.