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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pod Kits For Nic Salts

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pod Kits For Nic Salts


the best pod kit vapes of 2022

Whether you’re brand new to vaping, or just want to pick up a new kit, our ultimate guide to Nic salt vaping can help you make the best decision. Nicotine salt e-liquid has massively grown in popularity in the past few years, however not many people really know the pros and cons, and what the difference is between freebase nicotine and salt nicotine. This guide will suggest some of the best nic salt vaping kits available in 2022.

In this guide we will walk you through whether vaping Nic salts is the best choice for you, and if so, which kit we recommend. If you’re looking to beat the cravings for cigarettes, pick up one of these pod kits to ease your transition.

Table of Contents

  • How are regular freebase nicotine and salt nicotine different?
  • What type of liquid will give me the best hit?
  • 2022’s best nic salt vapes
  • Top 5 pod kits of 2022

How are regular freebase nicotine and salt nicotine different?

Even though nicotine salt is a newer discovery than freebase nicotine, it’s popularity has skyrocketed due to the way it makes vaping more customisable. While both forms originate from the same tobacco leaves, their extraction process is different. After the freebase nicotine (the nicotine used in regular e-liquids) is extracted, it’s added to a form of benzoic acid that changes its formation and pH levels. When the acid is added and has reacted, it becomes nicotine salt, which when added to e-liquid will provide less of a harsh throat hit and can be used with higher nicotine strengths. 

If you’ve ever vaped a disposable device, or even had a cigarette, you’ve inhaled nicotine salt. With an overall lesser throat and throat irritation, many people go to nicotine salts to get their cravings and enjoy their experience. 

Which type of liquid will give me the best hit?

If you’re looking for a higher nicotine strength, nicotine salts can go up to 20mg (2%) in the UK and are mostly used by people who are quitting smoking or have just quit. Having a nicotine strength that’s similar to smoking a cigarette can help ease your cravings with an instant fix.

Salt nic absorbs faster into your system, and leaves faster too, giving you a satisfying hit. As they vaporise at lower temperatures, nic salts can be used in lower power devices so are perfect for the sleek devices we recommend. The flavour of a nic salt e-liquid won’t be as muted, and you’ll get a burst of favour, whether it’s a classic tobacco or a sweet berry mix. 

2022’s best nic salt vapes

Number 5 - Aspire Flexus Stik 


aspire flexus stik


The Flexus Stik from the Aspire family is an all round vape. Its sleek round design and larger than average battery is perfect for people wanting a pod kit with extra punch. It’s beginner friendly with a single button on the bottom, but is also draw activated. The kit allows a fast charging USB-C cable to fill it up quickly, so you’ll be back to vaping it in no time. With the mouthpiece being slender and round, it will feel more like a cigarette in your mouth than some other kits, so is perfect for people quitting smoking.
With it’s easily replaceable coils, the Flexus Stik is very simple to use. Simply remove the pod and pull the coil from the bottom, then slide a new one in. No screwing or fiddling required. Offering 2 types of coils, the Aspire family cater to a range of vapers needs. The 0.6 ohm coil allows more vapour and a looser draw, whereas the 1.0 ohm coils offers a tighter draw with more discreet vapour. To customise this even further, the airflow is easily adjustable with a slight turn of the pod. 
To fill up the magnetic 2ml pod, simply remove from the device and locate the silicone stopper and pull it back, insert the e-liquid and simply push the stopper back in.

Pros :

1200mAh battery for longer battery life

3ml XL pod available to upgrade your kit

Inhale activation for easy use

2 mesh coils in the box (0.6ohm and 1.0ohm) so you can decide which is best for you

3 amazing colours

Price: £19.99

This kit is best used with: 50VG/50PG nic salt, or any high PG nic salts. 

Number 4 - Caliburn GK2 


caliburn gk2


The Caliburn GK2 is a great looking kit that comes in four different colours. It’s a pocket friendly device that’s discreet and powerful. Being inhale activated makes it an easy vape for beginners or experienced vapers looking for a small and discreet every day vape. With an attachable lanyard included in the box, you can simply clip it to the provided bar, allowing you to wear your vape with easy access all day long. The duckbill mouth piece is ergonomic and allows for a smooth inhale. Located on the pod is an airflow control wheel. On the side of the device is a small viewing window to see how much juice is in your pod.

The GK2 device offers simple to replace coils, with the option of 0.8ohms or a 1.2ohms. The 0.8ohm offer an airy inhale and moderate vapour, and the 1.2ohm coils have a tighter draw which feel more like smoking a cigarette.

To fill up the 2ml pod, snap the mouthpiece away from you, so the red silicone drop is visible. Simply insert the e-liquid bottle into the red hole, push the mouthpiece on, and your device is ready to go.

Pros : 

Small and discreet

Lights on the front display the battery level

Inhale activation for easy use

Top fill spill-free refill 

2 mesh coils (0.8ohm and 1.2ohm) for added flexibility

4 creative colours

Price: £24.99

This kit is best used with: 50VG/50PG nic salt, or any high PG nic salts.

Number 3 - XROS Mini


xros mini


The xros mini is an amazing starter vape, with its professional and simple design, it allows anyone looking to stop smoking get into the vaping world with ease. Featuring a compact design that fits easily into your pocket, the xros is preferred by many new vapers. Being draw activated, the xros will feel natural for people for people transitioning from smoking. For such a small kit, hosting a 1000mAh battery is impressive and will leave you puffing all day long. The flat mouthpiece is easy to use, not fiddly, and feels comfortable on the mouth.

To make this kit even easier, the coil comes pre-built into the disposable pods, so once your coil is burned and doesn’t taste the same, you can dispose of the pod and swap it with a new one. You fill up your pod with your chosen e-liquid, and dispose of the pod when finished. There’s no fiddly coils to change and the way to fill up the 2ml pod is easier than ever. Snap off the mouthpiece and place the nib of the e-liquid bottle into the hole in the top. Then, just click the mouthpiece back in place and you’re ready to vape.

The Xros mini pods come in two styles, a 0.8ohm preinstalled coil and a 1.2 preinstalled coil. For a vaping experience that mimics smoking and has discreet vapour, a 1.2ohm pod will be your best bet. For an airier draw that produces more vapour, the 0.8ohms are the way to go.


Sleek and small design

1000mAh battery for a long lasting vape

Built in coils for stress-free use

2 variations of pods (0.8ohms and 1.2ohm)

Top fill spill-free refill

Inhale activation

Price: £12.99

This kit is best used with: 50VG/50PG nic salt, or any high PG nic salts.

Number 2 - Aspire Flexus Q


flexus q pod kit


The Aspire family are known for their premium quality and ergonomic style. The Flexus Q is no different. Featuring a 700mAh fast charging battery, a sleek 2ml pod, and a slim pocket-friendly design, the Flexus Q is a fast growing favourite in the pod vaping community. With a small and sleek mouthpiece, this vape offers amazing taste and ease of use. 

The coils are offered in two variations, 0.6ohm for an airier draw which produces more vapour, or the 1.0ohm which is a more restricted draw, best used by people looking to quit smoking. To change the coil, simply remove the pod and slide out the coil from the bottom, then slide a new one in. On the side of the pod is a silicone tab, which when it’s pulled back allows you to refill your pod with 2ml of e-liquid. The airflow control is located on the side of the device to allow even more customisation.


700mAh fast charging battery

MTL or RDTL vaping

Slim and professional design

See-through pod

Inhale activation and button draw

5 colour choices

Price: £19.99

This kit is best used with: 50VG/50PG nic salt, or any high PG nic salts.

Number 1 - Caliburn X 


caliburn x pod kit


The Caliburn X was released in 2022, offering all the amazing features from the older Caliburns, and some exciting new ones too. The brand new screen allows you to see the currant wattage, battery life, voltage, resistance, and even features a puff counter. The Caliburn X ranges from 12W-20W. The wattage is customisable using four clicks on the fire button. Featuring a duckbill mouthpiece, this mind blowing kit will give you ultimate flavour and a smooth inhale. On the side of the device is a customisable air flow slider, and the device features a flush button so no accidental firing will happen. 

The new Caliburn X utilises the same coils as previous versions of the Caliburn, with a 0.8ohm and a 1.2ohm available. You receive one of each in the box so you can decide which is best for you, with the 0.8ohm already installed. To fill the pod up, snap the mouthpiece off, revealing a top fill tank.


Brand new interface screen

Fully customisable wattage

Top-fill refill

Inhale activation or button draw

Two available coils (0.8ohm and 1.2ohm)

6 eye-catching colours

Price: £32.99

This kit is best used with: 50VG/50PG nic salt, or any high PG nic salts.

After viewing our top five pod kits for this year, hopefully at least one caught your eye. Nic salts will offer you the best vaping experience when used in these kits. With varying levels of skill required and varied pricing, there’s sure a pod kit for you on this list.

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