Mouth To Lung Tanks

Mouth to lung vape tanks, or MTL for short, are typically used by ex smokers as the very closely resemble the draw of a cigarette. The term MTL describes the action of drawing the vapour in to the mouth, then inhaling or “taking back” the vapour. The draw is also quite tight on most MTL tanks, paired with a good quality tobacco E-liquid they can mimic smoking a cigarette very well.

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MTL Tanks FAQ's

A MTL tank is a vape tank with a tight restricted draw. This is produced through a combination of more restrictive airflow and a narrow bore drip tip. The low wattage used means that vapers tend to use runnier E Liquids with a higher concentration of nicotine. Some MTL vapers prefer to use Nic Salt E Liquid in their MTL tanks.

The majority of vapers that use MTL tanks will use a high nicotine 50/50 E-liquid or a nic salt liquid. Due to the very small coils these vape tanks use, they are best suited to 50/50 liquids or higher PG based liquids, they will have a hard time keeping up with the wicking of anything more than 50% VG which will cause the coils to burn out pretty quickly.

MTL tanks typically have an airflow adjustment ring which allows your to adjust the draw of the vape to your preferred setting. Thanks to the tight draw and compact coils, the flavour is very concentrated and satisfying.

Refilling a MTL tanks is simple and mess free, the coils are disposable so there is minimal maintenance required to run one of these tanks, too.

MTL tanks usually feature a narrow bore 510 drip tip which helps to keep the draw restricted and the flavour intense.