Nic Salt E-liquid

Nic salts, shop our huge selection of nicotine salt e-liquid, we stock both 10mg and 20mg nic salts in hundreds of flavours. 

Compared to traditional E-liquid, nic salts deliver a nicotine hit much quicker, in as little as six seconds. They are usually offered in a 50/50 ratio and are best enjoyed with low power setups, such as vape pods or vape pens.

Nic salts allow vapers to use higher nicotine strengths with less of the harsh throat hit, compared to traditional E-liquids they offer a much smoother throat hit.

384 products

384 products

What are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salt is how nicotine exists naturally in the tobacco plant in its purest form. Freebase nicotine is obtained by processing nicotine salt. Nicotine salt delivers a smoother throat hit compared to freebase nicotine, for this reason you can vape a higher strength whilst remaining smooth on the throat. The nicotine is delivered to the bloodstream much quicker, tackling those cravings in as little as six seconds. You'll need to vape much less nicotine salts compared to regular E liquid to feel satisfied. 

What is the best Nic Salt Strength?

The most popular nicotine strengths of nic salts are 10mg and 20mg. 10mg is considered medium strength and is best suited to smokers that smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day, 20mg is the maximum strength available in the UK, this is best suited to heavy smokers that smoke around 20 cigarettes per day. Most new vapers start with a 20mg nic salt to keep the cravings at bay and gradually taper down to 10mg.

Which device is best with Nic Salts?

The most popular device to vape a nic salt E liquid with is a pod device, these compact all-in-one mods are ideal to start your journey with due to their low cost and excellent flavour output. New vapers tend to find pod devices very easy to use without the need to mess around with separate batteries, coils and power settings.

Are Nic Salts better?

The majority of new vapers tend to have much better success at quitting with nic salts, this is mainly due to them providing a high strength nicotine hit much quicker and much smoother than a regular freebase E Liquid can. The equivalent strength of regular E liquid would be much harsher on the throat and take longer to satisfy your cravings. Nicotine salts are often described as near instant satisfaction, much like smoking a cigarette.

What is the best Nic Salt flavour?

Nic Salts come in every flavour you can think of, from the simple tobacco, to strawberry doughnuts and everything in between. Which flavour is considered best really boils down to which flavours sound appealing to you, menthol, mint and tobacco flavours tend to be the most popular flavours with new vapers. For the more adventurous, there is a whole host of delicious flavours to discover. Trying new flavours can be an important part of quitting smoking, keeping your journey interesting and enjoyable is a great distraction from smoking, looking forward to trying a new flavour alone can be enough to take you mind off of returning to cigarettes.