Pre-Filled Vape Pods & Kits

Using pre-filled vape pods and kits require no prior knowledge of vaping and are often used as a bridge between disposable vapes and pod kits. They're a simple and convenient way to start or progress in your vaping journey. Pre-filled pods and kits require little to no maintenance and are extremely simple to use.

As pre-filled pods and kits require no hassle, they're a great way to introduce yourself to vaping, whether you're completely new or are trying to move away from disposable vapes. Pre-filled pod kits feature no fiddly buttons, no coil changing, and no e-liquid re-filling. You don't need to worry about sacrificing flavour or quality as big brands like Elf Bar, Elux and Crystal Bar have all created a reusable kit that features pre-filled pods. With flavours ranging from fruits, to desserts, to tobaccos, to mints, you won't be out of flavour options when using a pre-filled pod kit.

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