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      Box Mods, also known as regulated mods are packed with features that allow you to fine tune your vape. Most box mods come equipped with temperature control and variable wattage allowing you to really dial down your own personal tastes. Prime vapes stock a large selection of quality mods to suit all styles and budgets, from mods with internal batteries, to high powered advanced mods with dual 18650 batteries.

      Box mods are a popular choice with new vapers looking to upgrade from a vape pen or pod system in search of more flavour, they are best paired with a sub-ohm, MTL or RDA vape tank, depending on your preference. 

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      Box mods are regulated vape mods with built in safety features. They offer you the options to use external batteries or opt for the simplicity of having a built-in source of power. Many box mods allow you to recharge the device by plugging it into a socket. We have sourced our box mods from a number of the world’s leading manufacturers, and they are available in a variety of colours and shapes.

      Regulated box mods are ideal for newbies and experienced vapers alike. Box mods are feature packed and boast a variety of safety features as standard.

      Box mods are available with built in batteries that can be simply charged via the USB port or, some types use external 18650 or 21700 lithium ion batteries that’ll need to be charged in a separate charger. The most popular configuration is arguably the dual 18650 box mod, this type mod is the perfect balance of being compact enough to carry around with ease, whilst providing a respectable battery life to keep you vaping all day.

      Choosing the type of box mod best suited to you is as simple as finding one that is capable of providing enough power to meet the requirements of your vape tank. For the most part, a simple 80w or 100w single battery box mod will be more than capable of running a MTL vape tank, whilst sub ohm tanks will be better suited to a dual battery vape mod.

      Box mods are packed with features, the majority of modern mods have temp control and variable wattage as standard, allowing you to fine tune your vape. Some of the more expensive box mods have a variety of settings, colour screens and customisable options.