Squonk Mods

Squonk mods, or squonkers as they are also known, are ideal for vapers that enjoy a RDA vape tank but without all the faff that comes with them. Traditionally, RDA users would need to repeatedly drip E-liquid into their RDA each time they vape. The squonk mod removes that downfall.

These specialist mods conveniently include an empty bottle inside of the device to fill with your favourite vape juice, you simply need to push the bottle which then shoots eliquid in to you bottom fed (BF) RDA. Most of the modern RDAs come supplied with a BF pin, allowing them to be used with a squonk mod.

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A squonk mod is an all in one vape device that features a built in e-liquid bottle. Squonk mods offer an exciting twist on the traditional box mod and tank. They are similar to box mods but have a soft juice bottle built into the device. When squeezed, E Liquid is forced up through a hole in the 510-connection pin at the top to the squonk / BF / bottom fed RDA tank. The advantage of a squonker is the greater volume of juice in the bottle compared to an RTA tank.