50ml Shortfills


      Browse our extensive collection of 50ml shortfill E-liquids from all the popular brands, 50ml shortfills can be easily mixed to 3mg nicotine by adding one nicotine shot.

      Shortfills are best suited to sub ohm vape kits or rebuildable atomisers and come supplied in many flavours.

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      A 50ml Shortfill is 50ml of nicotine free E-liquid supplied in a 60ml bottle, they can be vaped as they come without adding any nicotine, alternatively, you can quickly and easily make them 3mg by adding one nic shot.

      50ml Shortfills are supplied in a larger bottle which allow you to add one nicotine shot, adding one nicotine shot produces a 3mg mix.

      The prices of 50ml Shortfills varies widely, depending on the brand of choice. Typically they range from cheap £5 shortfills, to £14.99 for a premium brand. The higher price of some E-liquids doesn’t automatically mean a higher quality or better tasting product, many E-liquid producers are able to produce excellent quality liquids in huge quantities, which enables them to sale the goods at a low price. Typically, the more expensive premium liquids are produced by small artisan brands in very small batches, hence the higher price. Many Shortfills can be found somewhere in the middle of these prices, that are loved by many.

      You can make a 50ml shortfill 6mg nicotine by adding two nicotine shots, however due to the bottles they are supplied in being 60ml, you may need to discard some liquid from the bottle to make the extra room for another nicotine shot. It’s also worth noting that doing so will dilute the flavour more than intended, as most shortfills are intended to be diluted by 10mls.