Mechanical Mods

Mechanical vape mods, also known as mech mods are for highly experienced vapers only. These simple mods offer no safety features, screens or settings to adjust your vape, unlike the humble box mod. To use a mech mod safely, the user will have a good understanding of ohms law and know their vape battery ratings inside-out, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of coil building.

They pair beautifully with a RDA vape tank, are much more compact and sleek looking. A mech mod is seen as the final stage in the vaping world.

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What is a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical mods, or Mech mods for short, are simple metal tubes which means there is little to break. The simplicity means the user has to have a lot of knowledge about safe coiling and how to check if the battery can cope safely with the current the coil will draw. Because there is no circuit board in a mechanical mod they are also referred to as being unregulated.

We strongly recommend that mechanical mods are only used by highly experienced vapers.