Lost Mary Tappo Pre-Filled Pods

The Lost Mary Tappo Pods are suitable for use with the Lost Mary Tappo pod kits, each pod is pre-filled with 2ml of high quality nicotine salt based e-liquid which will last for up to 600 puffs. The flavours available include many of the famous Lost Mary disposable vape flavours, which can now be enjoyed in the rechargeable Lost Mary vape kit.

Each pack of Tappo pods contains two pods, using them is simple, simply remove the pod from its packaging and push the bottom of the pod in firmly to activate it. The pod can then be placed in to the Tappo device which is held down securely via the magnetic base. To vape, simply puff on the pod just as you would a disposable. When the pod is empty, it can then be discarded and replaced with a new pod.

The Lost Mary Tappo pods are much more cost effective and environmentally friendly when compared to using a traditional disposable vape. Not only do you dramatically reduce the amount of single use lithium batteries being sent to landfill, you also save a fortune, with each pod working out to be half the price of a disposable. 

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