External Battery Vape Mods

External battery vape mods require either dual or single batteries with the most common battery types being 18650 & 21700 batteries. Mods featured in this collection require external batteries that are sold separately. These mods usually produce high amounts of power and are usually directed towards more advanced users, however, this doesn't stop beginner vapers enjoying smaller, single battery mods too. Pair your external battery mod with a great vape tank and some batteries and you're ready to go.

When using a box mod, mech mod, or squonk mod that requires external batteries its recommended you charge the batteries in an external battery charger. This not only promotes safe battery charging but will extend the life of your batteries and your mod. External battery mods usually feature a USB charging port, however we recommend this to be used only in emergencies. If you're looking for a vape mod you can charge via USB port, check out our internal battery vape mods collection. For good practice, remember to change your batteries every 6 months. 

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