Vape Mods

Regulated vape mods offer you much greater control and more options over your vape. Many of the modern vape mods come equipped with a whole host of settings, to really dial in your own personal preference.

Temperature control, variable wattage (VW), the ability to handle sub-ohm coils and advanced safety features are the main features you will enjoy with a new vape mod.

We stock a large selection of mods, from the industry leading manufacturers. Such as Aspire, Vaporesso, Dotmod and Geekvape.

27 products

27 products

What is a Vape Mod?

When vaping started, enthusiastic early adopters modified standard torches to deliver power to vape atomiser coils. Enterprising people with lathes began crafting dedicated metal tubes for vaping which became known as mods, mainly mechanical or “mech” mods. The vape mod houses a battery or batteries. They come in all sorts of sizes, colours and configurations. Some vape mods just let you fill and vape; others allow you to customise things like the temperature of the coil and power settings to perfect your experience.

How does a Vape Mod work?

All vape mod perform the same essential function: they contain a battery that stores charge and, at the press of a button, allow electricity to flow from the battery through the coil in the atomiser and back to the battery. Regulated mods, pod devices, and starter kits come with circuit boards that offer inbuilt protection.

Which is the best Vape Mod?

The best vape mod will be the one that meets your individual needs. Decide how much you can afford to spend, delivers the power your atomiser needs, and even which one you like the looks of best. We have a huge range of high-quality devices from leading manufacturers. On this site, you can find starter kits, advanced vape kits, pod devices and vape pens. Other things to consider is the size of the mod in your hand, whether the vape tank will fit on the top, and what functions you are looking for.

What is a Regulated Mod?

A regulated mod has a circuit board that controls the power it delivers to the coil. These types of devices also offer inbuilt safety features and give you the option to turn it off. Some let users adjust the power settings, accommodate different types of wire and allow you to dictate what temperature you wish to vape at. Other features can include large screens, clocks, and log the number of puffs you’ve taken.

What is Variable Wattage?

Variable wattage means the user can change the power being delivered to the coil. As everyone is an individual, being able to adjust the wattage means you can tailor the vape to your preference. Mouth to lung vapers use lower wattages, some direct to lung vapers use a very high setting. Thinking about the style of vaping you are going to be doing will dictate what kind of device best suits your needs.

What is Temperature Control?

If you hold the button down on a mod the coil in the atomiser will get very hot. If you are vaping rapidly or for long inhales the wick can dry out depending on the type of tank and eliquid you are using. Devices that have circuit boards which can control the temperature of the coil measure how the resistance of the metal is changing. By setting the mod to work with a certain type of metal wire and dictating what temperature you want to vape at, the temperature control (TC) mod will make sure the wick never burns. This feature is only found on some box mods.

What does Bypass Mode mean?

Box mods with a bypass mode act as though they are mechanical mods. Traditionally, this function was used to pulse a coil you had built yourself in order to get rid of hot spots. This is something you don’t need to worry about if you are using sub-ohm tanks or mouth to lung tanks with stock replacement coil heads.


What Vape Mod Do I Need For Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping?

Direct lung vaping uses sub-ohm coils (coil with a resistance of under 1ohm). You need to be considering one of our excellent boxes that can deliver over 50 Watts. As you will be applying high power to the coil the batteries will deplete faster and so you might want to consider devices that can accommodate two batteries. Some stock replacement coil heads can need up to 80W. Devices specifying a maximum wattage of 80-100W can always be adjusted to very low wattages so you don’t need to worry as it can be used for all types of vaping.


Which Vape Mod Do I Need For Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping?

Mouth to lung vaping requires much less power. Any box mod in our online shop can be used with MTL tanks.


Why don’t all Vape Mods have a battery inside?

If you are a heavy smoker and anticipate that you are going to be vaping heavily then you might want to consider how often you need to charge you device. Heavy users, or those who can’t get to a wall socket during the day, tend to carry more than one pod device with them or use a box mods that use external batteries so they can carry spare cells to swap over when the original set runs low on charge.


How do I charge a battery safely?

Always charge your device or batteries in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are charging by plugging into a wall socket, make sure you are using the supplied charging lead. If you are charging loose batteries, use a quality lithium-ion battery charger. Never charge devices and batteries overnight while sleeping or leave them unsupervised. Never use a battery with cracked or torn wrapping. Inspect your cells before use and if you see any surface damage replace the wrap immediately.


How do I transport a battery safely?

Loose batteries must never be carried in pockets or bags. Always make sure you carry them in a dedicated battery case to keep them from short circuiting.