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Vape batteries and external chargers are the single most important part of your vape kit. Every vaper should have a good quality external charger and the correct vape batteries that are suitable for their vape mod.

We don't believe in skimping on batteries and chargers, we only stock the best of the best. Our batteries have full traceability and are fully compliant with UK and EU directives.

Our range of battery chargers are manufactured by industry leading brands, boasting a range of safety features. 

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Vape Batteries FAQ's

To charge a vape battery safely charge them in a lithium ion charger. Always charge your device or batteries in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are charging by plugging into a wall socket, make sure you are using the supplied charging lead. If you are charging loose batteries, use a quality lithium-ion battery charger. Never charge devices and batteries overnight while sleeping or leave them unsupervised. Never use a battery with cracked or torn wrapping. Inspect your cells before use and if you see any surface damage replace the wrap immediately.

Loose batteries must never be carried in pockets or bags. Always make sure you carry them in a dedicated battery case to keep them from short circuiting.