Gold Bar Disposable Vapes

Gold Bars are highly rated, 600 puff disposables that have become immensely popular in the UK. Filled with 2ml of smooth, 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, the Gold Bar provides up to 600 puffs (around the same as one pack of cigarettes). Gold Bars feature a 500mAh, pre-charged battery that will keep you puffing for some time.

With hyper mesh coils, the Gold Bar really puts out great flavours. The flavours turn out rich and deep unlike many other disposables.

Gold Bars feature a huge range of flavours, mostly fruity and menthol flavours. Gold Bars are unlike most disposables as the e-liquid featured is packed with flavour and completely distinguishable as it's obvious the creators of Gold Bar put a lot of effort into the recipes they've created instead of rushing for release.

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