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All About Elfa Pods and Kits

All About Elfa Pods and Kits

All About Elfa Pods and Kits

Elf Bar is a brand that has grown in popularity in the UK vaping scene because of their 600 puff disposable vapes. Elf Bar have a lot of flavours available, however they realised that their customers have wanted to become more environmentally friendly with their vaping habits. Elf Bar knew that people wouldn’t want to compromise flavour, so the majority of Elf Bar 600 flavours are available to purchase as Elfa Pods, with some exclusive flavours added too. This prompted Elf Bar to create a more sustainable way to vape, therefore created the Elfa Pod Kit.

Environmental Impact

When you vape a disposable device, you are inhaling the vapour of juice that’s been pre-soaked into a coil. This coil is powered by a lithium-ion battery. When you either vape all of the e-liquid or the battery dies, you dispose of the device. This means for every 600 puffs you vape (2ml of e-liquid) you are consequently throwing away:

  1. Un-recyclable plastic waste (including the body of the vape)
  2. One lithium-ion battery
  3. A coil that may not even be at the end of it’s life
  4. Occasionally nicotine filled e-liquid (if the battery dies before the e-liquid runs out)

This is really not great for our earth as these disposables have been proven to leak battery acid and nicotine into our soil and waterways, and with an estimated 1.3 million disposable vapes thrown away into general waste each week in the UK, you can see why this can cause such a problem.

Elf Bar have realised that their customers care about the environment, so decided to design the Elfa Kit to help people make a step in the right direction. The Elfa Kit comprises of a rechargeable body, which includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery generally has a lifetime of around 6 months with daily use, and for £7.99 you can’t complain. The pods used in the Elfa Kits comprise of a coil which is filled with cotton, and e-liquid. These pods are disposable and ready to use out of the packet. This means for every 600 puffs (one pod which is 2ml of e-liquid) you are only disposing:

  1. A small amount of plastic
  2. A coil with cotton

This kit is obviously much better for the environment, and requires no extra requirements for you. If anything, it’s better for you, the environment, and your wallet.

The True Cost

When you’re purchasing regular disposable vapes, you pay £5 for every 600 puffs (or 2ml of e-liquid) that you vape. The average person goes through 2ml of e-liquid in 1-2 days. This means you could be spending up to £35 a week on vaping, which is £145 per month if you gasped 600 puffs a day, without even realising. When you vape Elfa Pods, you pay £5 (when purchased in our any 3 for £15 deal) for 1200 puffs. This means you get two whole disposables for the price of one. The upfront cost for an Elfa Kit is only £7.99, the price of less than two disposables, even when purchased in our any 3 for £12 deal. By vaping Elfa Pods instead of purchasing 600 puff disposables, you’d only be spending £17.50 a week, or £70 a month, if you vaped 600 puffs per day.


We know how disappointing it is when you open up a disposable vape and the battery is completely dead with no apparent reason. With the Elfa Kit, you can charge it and it displays a light indicator for when the device is fully charged. Also, when purchased from us, you receive a warranty on your kit incase anything goes wrong. As you purchase the pods separately, there is an extremely low chance anything would go wrong with the pod itself, therefore almost guaranteeing a satisfying vape every time.

What’s In The Box?

When you open your Elfa Kit device, you will see your device, which holds the battery. You also receive a Blue Razz Lemonade Elfa Pod included in the box. The Elfa Pod Kit does not come with a charging cable, however any USB Type-C charger will work.

When you open a pack of Elfa Pods you will find two pods enclosed in a plastic and foil separately. This keeps them fresh, even when you take one out of the packet. Here are the recommended steps to take when using your Elfa Kit

“Step one, ensure that your device is fully charged.

Step two, insert a pre-filled Elfa e-liquid pod into the top, which is securely held in place by the powerful magnets. Please note the pods need to go in a certain way, if after inserting your pod the device does not produce any vapour, please remove the pod and turn it the other way.

Step three, wait three minutes for the coil to prime and take your first puff of the deliciously mellow flavour of the 20mg nic salt e-liquid that provides a smooth and enjoyable throat hit.

Step four, when the pod is empty, simply dispose of it and replace it with a new flavour.”

Elfa Kits & Pods are a great investment when it comes to disposable vaping. You still get to enjoy that smooth 20mg nic salt that you’re used to, the product is from the same company you love and trust already, and each flavour is guaranteed to be high quality and tasty.

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