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All About Elfa Pro Pre-Filled Pods & Kits

All About Elfa Pro Pre-Filled Pods & Kits

Who are Elf Bar?

The brand new Elfa Pro kit is an upgrade from the previous Elfa kit, with a few new features and some great new designs. The Elfa Pro kit is designed and produced by Elf Bar, a huge disposable vape manufacturer. Elf Bar have been established since 2018, and have operated all over the world creating amazing and popular disposable vapes and vape kits. The Elfa Pro kit features many different pod flavours, including most flavours featured in the Elf Bar 600 disposable vape collection. Elf Bar have created the Elfa Pro kit to help people move away from single use disposable vapes and onto more sustainable ways of vaping.

What is the Elfa Pro Plus kit?

There are 2 main upgrades made to the Elfa Pro. The first upgrade includes the pods. The new pods guarantee freshness by separating the coil from the e-liquid until its ready to be vaped. One the bottom of the pod is pushed in, the liquid rushes to the coil and soaks it, making sure you get the freshest taste possible. The second main difference is the coil quality. Elf Bar used to use mesh coils in the original Elfa kit, however they’ve swapped to QUAQ coils for the Elfa Pro. These coils are brilliant at locking in flavour far better, and generally have a longer life span.

The Elfa Pro plus kit is made up of 2 separate parts. The rechargeable device (sometimes called the battery) and the pre-filled pod. The pod kit can be recharged and features a 500mAh battery. When fully charged this battery is capable of delivering enough charge to vape 600 puffs (or one pre-filled pod). The pre-filled pods are vape tanks pre-filled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. Featured in the pre-filled pod is a built in coil which is capable of getting through the delicious 2ml e-liquid in the pod. Each Elfa Pod features a separation between the coil and the e-liquid. Once the bottom of the pod is pushed in, the e-liquid soaks into the coil ready to vape.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Elfa Pro Kit
  • 1 x Pre-Filled Pod

There are 10 different colours available for the Elfa Pro kit. Each Elfa Pro kit features a different flavour pod depending on the colour you choose. Make sure you read the product description of each colour so you know which flavour you’ll receive.

Each available kit colour with it’s adjacent flavour is as follows:

  1. Black with Blue Razz Lemonade
  2. Navy Blue with Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  3. Aurora Pink with Pink Lemonade
  4. Aurora Green with Apple Peach
  5. Aurora Blue with Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  6. Aurora Purple with Watermelon
  7. Twilight Blue with Mixed Berries
  8. Twilight Brown with Cola
  9. “Dream Like” Blue with Blue Razz Lemonade
  10. “Dream Like” Purple with Watermelon
8 elfa pro colours

How to use the Elfa Pro kit

  1. Make sure your device is fully charged. This will ensure the best experience when setting up your Elfa kit.
  2. Remove the Elfa Pod from the packet. You will need to push the bottom of the pod up, two ensure the liquid then soaks the coil.
  3. Leave the coil to prime (soak the e-liquid in) for 3 minutes. After the 3 minutes you can puff on the smooth 20mg nic salt in the Elfa Pod.
  4. Replace the Elfa pod when it’s empty or burned out. Simple repeat the process to insert a new pod
how to use the Elfa pro pod kit steps 1-5
how to use the Elfa pro pod kit steps 6-7

The Pros


Switching to the Elfa Pro kit is a great way to save some money, each pack of Elfa pods cost only £5.95 or £5 using our any 5 for £25 deal. Each pack contains two Elfa pods, meaning you get the double the amount of puffs (1200) as a disposable vape for the same price as one. Although the upfront cost may put people off, it’s good to remember that the Elfa Pro kit costs only 99p more than a disposable. The Elfa Pro kit comes in at only £5.99 making it a brilliant investment. If you’re paying £5 a time for one disposable (600 puffs) and use one per day, you’ll be spending around £35 a week. In contrast, using Elfa Pro pods will only set you back around £17.50 a week for the same amount of liquid.


Using an Elfa pod is also better for the environment as you’ll no longer be disposing of a full lithium battery every time you finish 2ml of e-liquid unlike disposables. You may argue that disposables can be recycled, however it is better for the planet to not create the waste in the first place, rather than using resources to recycle it.Pre-filled pods are a much more sustainable way to vape rather than disposables as you’re only discarding a limited amount of plastic and a small amount of vape cotton and metal.

There’s probably not many reasons why you’d want to stick with disposable vapes after reading this article, however if you’re not ready for the jump quite yet you can check out our other disposable vape brands like Lost Mary, Crystal Bar, and Elux Legend. The Elfa Pro kit is one of the many pre-filled pod bundle kits available, many other huge disposable vape manufactures have created their own. You can see SKE Crystal Bar’s Plus kit here, or Lost Mary’s pre-filled pod kit called Tappo. All pre-filled pods are a brilliant way to transition away from smoking cigarettes or vaping disposable vapes. Whichever brand you choose, the experience will be delicious and consistent.

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