The Best Kits for Vaping Nic Salts in 2024

We love that despite disposable vapes totally taking over the market in recent years, pod kits are still as popular as ever. Pod kits are usually defined by their replaceable pod that you fill with e-liquid rather than a metal or glass tank. The majority of pod kits now feature pods that have built-in coils. This change has made it much easier for people who smoke or vape disposables transition over to more sustainable vaping which is a win for us. Pod kits feature a rechargeable battery and a pod that either feature removable coils or built-in coils. This offers a varying amount of customisation, pod kits aren't just for beginners! Their a great way to vape nic salts and are small and discreet to take with you wherever you go.

This top 5 list includes various hardware brands. Because of this there's a variety in designs, price points, and customisation. It was hard to rank these pod kits as they're all great for different reasons, however we will include what type of user the kit suits best so you can make the best decision possible. We have many more pod kits for you to view, they even all come with a free nic salt e-liquid to get you started. If you vape zero nicotine and want to learn about pod kits that will suit you, we have a guide for the best kits to use with 0mg liquid you can read here.

Nic salts are usually 50VG/50PG, so you'd think they'd be perfect for any kit, however nic salts are much more intense than freebase nicotine e-liquids, meaning it's easy to overdo it. Nic salts can be used with any kit that features a low wattage option and/or a high resistance coil. You don't want too much nicotine salt to be vaporised in one puff as inhaling too much nicotine can make you feel nauseous and unwell. Pod kits are the intended use for nic salts, however a MTL tank will also be suitable.

Yes! Pod kits can handle nic salt e-liquid and regular freebase e-liquid. Most pod kit manufacturers create a few different coil resistances to enable you to use various types of e-liquid. Freebase nicotine e-liquid is recommended to be used with lower resistances. For example, most pod kits offer 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm coils which are generally recommended for freebase liquid. This is because the higher resistance allows a better flavour to develop, especially if your freebase liquid is a bit higher in VG content (like 60VG/40PG). Just remember, the lower resistance coil you use, the higher powered kit you'll want to use.

Each manufacturer will recommend a slightly different wattage for their device. Some kits (like the Xros 3 mini and Gotek X) don't have customisable wattage. These kits set the right wattage internally for you when you insert the coil and pod. Some kits, like the Luxe X Pro, offer customisable wattage although they do offer a feature called smart wattage. This feature automatically selects the recommended wattage for the coil and pod you've inserted. You can always adjust the wattage slightly anyway. 50/50 nic salts usually produce the best experience when used at the 10w-25w mark. This is because nic salts generally feature a high quantity of nicotine, which is easy to over consume when too much liquid is made into vapour in one drag. You can vape higher or lower wattage than this "sweet spot", just play around with the wattage to see what gives you the most satisfying experience.

Big bottles of vape juice are commonly known as shortfill e-liquid. The most common shortfill size is 100ml. This means there's 100ml of e-liquid in a 120ml bottle, this leaves room for 2 10ml nic shots. The majority of shortfills feature a higher VG concentrate than traditional vape juice so it's no always recommended to use this type of liquid in a pod kit. Most pod kits don't offer a low enough coil resistance or high enough wattage to comfortably vape thick e-liquid. If you're not entirely sure what a shortfill is, you can read our short guide here to get clued up.

There are however some shortfill brands that are mixed to a 50/VG/50PG ratio. This ratio is brilliant for smaller pod kits. The only limitation is the maximum nicotine strength, as two nic shots can only make 3mg e-liquid. A few of these suitable shortfill brands are:

We hope this countdown was of use to you as we had fun making it. It's always great to explore different styles of kits as everyone's taste is different. Some of these pod kits are exceptionally cheap while others are a more luxury purchase. We love the range that manufacturers are creating when it comes to brand new kits, who knew your pod kit didn't need to look like a cigarette or a disposable vape after all? Hopefully you've discovered a new kit or two reading this blog, and maybe even add it to your next order. Pod kits are one of our favourite style of kits here at Prime Vapes as they've helped many people move away from cigarettes and disposable vapes as they're helpful and simple to use.

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The Best Kits for Vaping Nic Salts in 2024