Top 10 Riot Bar EDTN Nic Salt Flavours 2024

Riot Squad's newest e-liquid range, Riot Bar EDTN, swept nic salt vapers off their feet when it was first released. Starting as a small range only offering 20mg nic salts, Riot saw the untapped potential of their delicious new range and now offer it in 20mg (2%), 10mg (1%), and 5mg (0.5%) and some flavours in 0mg (0%). Riot Squad are one of the most recognisable e-liquid manufacturers in the UK and are known for creating some of the best flavours in the 10ml e-liquid market. Riot e-liquids are characterised by their distinct 'bullet' style bottles that feature a tall bullet-style lid. The Riot Bar EDTN range focuses on taking popular disposable vape flavours and making them even better by adding their own unique twists, or just by perfecting the flavour itself.

This top 10 blog will go over our top ten flavours that dominated the range all through the end of 2023 and the start of 2024. The vape juice chosen to be on this list are our bestsellers, our customer favourites, and our staff favourites. We'll also discuss other aspects including the disposable vape flavour most similar to each Bar EDTN flavour incase you're worried about switching over to refillable e-liquid.

There are currently 30 flavours featured in the Riot Bar EDTN range. Riot S:ALT are releasing new flavours quite often so this list may update soon. There's a mixture of mint, dessert, and fruit e-liquids featured in the full range with the majority of flavours falling into the fruity category. All flavours are available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine strength with a select few being available in 0mg too. The 30 flavours are as follows:

Riot Squad Bar Edition is a nic salt e-liquid range of 30 different flavours based off of disposable vape flavours created by Riot Squad in the UK. They've recreated famous disposable flavours and squeezed them into delicious 10ml bottles. Riot Squad are known across the globe but are extremely well known here in the UK where they create all of their recipes and juices. Riot have 5 different 10ml e-liquid ranges with Bar Edition being the only nic salt range. The other 4 ranges are hybrid nicotine ranges meaning that they incorporate traditional freebase e-liquid and nicotine salt into one blend.

All of Riot Squads nic salt Bar EDTN range feature in 5mg (0.5%), 10mg (1%), and 20mg (2%). A select few of the Bar EDTN flavours are also available in 0mg (0%) As Bar Edition is available in 4 different nicotine strengths it's a brilliant brand for many types of vapers, offering a chance to lower your nicotine intake gradually while remaining to the same flavours you know and love.

  • 20mg (2%) is the highest nicotine strength available in the UK, with 2% being the most common nicotine concentration found in disposable vapes. Being so strong, 20mg is recommend for people who are transitioning away from being a heavy smoker (15-20 cigarettes a day) or people moving away from disposable vapes and onto refillable e-liquid & kits.
  • 10mg (1%) is a great middle strength recommended for people who were moderate smokers (5-10 a day) or smoked a milder tobacco. 10mg is a nicotine strength readily available in nearly every nicotine salt brand. It offers a moderate throat hit with moderate flavour production. 10mg is a great starting point if you found disposable vapes too strong or only went through one disposable vape every couple of days.
  • 5mg (0.5%) is recommended to be used by people who were very light smokers, social smokers, or people trying to cut down their nicotine intake. 5mg is not always readily available in most nic salt ranges however is a great middle ground between using nicotine and using zero nicotine. 5mg is a great way to wean off of nicotine altogether.
  • 0mg (0%) is nicotine free and is a great step for people who have cut down their nicotine consumption to the point where they're only using a vape to enforce the hand-to-mouth habit. Using zero nicotine instead of smoking can be really useful for people who have health conditions or are pregnant/breastfeeding as it still enforces the motion of smoking, just without the nicotine.

All of Riot Bar Edition 10ml nic salts are mixed to a 40VG/60PG ratio. A liquid being mixed to a 40VG/60PG ratio means its relatively thin in consistency. A liquid that is thin pairs better with a lower powered kit as it doesn't require much heat to vaporise the e-liquid. Lower powered kits usually come in the form of pod kits. Pod kits are usually quite inexpensive and are readily available, coming in all different shapes and sizes. Bar Edition e-liquid is compatible with all pod kits, you can read our favourite pod kits in our blog here.

Pod kits like the Xros 3 Mini and the Xlim Pro are fantastic kits to use with nic salts. They offer a variety of coil resistances allowing for different styles of vaping. Some pod kits even offer a style of pod that have the coil built into it, this requires less hassle than changing the individual coil. The other style of kit commonly used with 40VG/60PG nic salts are MTL tanks. These are tanks that utilise a variety of coil resistances and pair with box mods. Most smaller and bigger box mods allow for a lower wattage to be selected which makes them suitable for Riot Bar EDTN salts.

We're glad we could create a top 10 list for Riot Squad as they're one of the best UK e-liquid brands to bless the vaping community. Their Bar EDTN range sparked excitement when released, everyone loved their unique flavours. If you've never tried Riot Bar EDTN then hopefully this blog has enlightened you to one of the best bar-style flavours on the market. It was tricky condensing this amazing range into only 10 flavours, however we think we've done a good job deciding.

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Top 10 Riot Bar EDTN Nic Salt Flavours 2024