The Best Bar-Style Flavours of 2024

Over the recent years "Bar-Style" flavours have sky rocketed in popularity. Bar-Style flavours and ranges are categorised by e-liquid flavours that are based off of disposable vapes. They are usually stronger in flavour than standard e-liquid as a lot of them are double concentrated. Some brands like to add a little twist on some famous flavours, however some brands prefer to keep it sweet & simple. Some disposable manufacturer brands have even created their own nic salt ranges based off their very own disposable range, this makes for some really delicious, strong, and authentic flavours. Like many other things in the world, some brands do certain things better. That's why we've included a variety of brands to really showcase their most popular flavours. All of these flavours are best used in refillable kits, like pod kits or simple MTL tanks.

We chose this list based on our best 10ml e-liquid sellers in our shop front and online, customer reviews, and staff picks. There's so many different brands and flavours featured in this blog it would be hard to not find a new favourite to explore. This blog will help you explore new ranges, see what's trending and why. Some of the brands featured in this list have been dug into deeper, and we've created extra blogs about them. So, if you want to know more (like the top 10 Bar Juice 5000 flavours and our overall, top 10 best nic salts of 2024) then visit our e-liquid news and reviews page linked in the footer. Below you'll be able to see what so many people have been raving about so far in 2024.

Most disposable vapes on the market are advertised as 2%. 2% is 20mg. This is the strongest strength available to purchase in the UK so it's more suited to people who are quitting smoking or moving away from disposable vapes. If you're trying to replicate the feeling and strength of a disposable vape, then 20mg is the best bet for you. If you decide to reduce your nicotine intake, there are plenty of bar-style vape juices that offer 10mg (1%) and 5mg (0.5%) nicotine strengths.

Pod kits like the Xros 3 mini and Oxva Xlim Pro are the best kits to use with bar style e-liquids. All of the e-liquids in our "Best Bar Style Flavours of 2024" have a high PG ratio. This means that when you look at the ratio on the bottle, it will be 50VG/50PG or higher. The more PG an e-liquid has, the thinner it is. Thinner e-liquids work best when being used in low powered kits, especially if the nicotine content is high. The small coils featured in these pod kits can soak up the liquid quickly and produce moderate clouds that feel similar to cigarettes and disposable vapes.

Yes, every brand mentioned in our top bar style flavours blog is based on disposable vapes and are available in 10ml bottles with varying nicotine strengths. There are many different brands that offer disposable style flavours. Some of these brands are well known disposable manufactures like Elf Bar, Elux, and Crystal Bar. This means you won't need to sacrifice your favourite flavours or change your brand loyalty.

There are many disposable style flavours on the market being created by many different brands. Some of the brands mentioned in this blog are extremely well known, and some are up and coming. We've included a mix of brand popularity and price to give you a good overview of the bar-style market right now. In conclusion, there are so many different brands and flavours coming out of the woodworks, we could make a list like this every week! If you've discovered a new brand that piqued your interest, make sure to keep up to date with their new flavour drops. If you've finished reading this blog but are still not sure about switching from disposables, look into pre-filled pods. Rechargeable kits that feature pre-filled pods are a stepping stone used by people who are trying to move away from disposables but are not ready for the full switch. You can learn more about the difference bewteen disposable vapes and pre-filled pods in this simple blog we've written here.

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The Best Bar-Style Flavours of 2024