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UK Vape flavour ban 2024, what can you do?

UK Vape flavour ban 2024, what can you do?

UK Vape Flavour Ban, Its time to have your say.

We’re sure most of our customers are aware of the disposable vape ban announced by the UK Government on the 29th January 2024, we are disappointed with this decision. In our opinion, disposable vapes have provided a low cost and less daunting way to try vaping for millions of adult smokers, that may have never quit smoking without them. The result of the disposable vapes rise to fame has brought the UK’s smoking rates down to an all time low and has played a vital role in helping millions of adults stay off cigarettes.

Whilst we fully support the governments mission to curb youth vaping, we do strongly believe this outright ban of disposable vapes will not work the way the government has intended. As we all know, where there is a demand, someone will fill the supply to make a fast buck. Its almost certain that post ban, we’ll see illegal, unregulated and counterfeit vapes being sold illegally in dodgy off licences and corner shops. Easily in reach of under 18’s, the exact age group the government has promised to protect with this ban. Let’s face it, Trading Standards can’t even keep up today with illicit vapes being sold, let alone when they surge in demand after a ban has been finalised. We do believe that some form of licence required to sell vaping goods would have been a much better route, with vape shops being made to pay some type of licence fee, the funds raised from this could have funded trading standards to increase enforcement.

With our opinion on the subject of disposables out of the way, the governments decision has been made and the outcome is final, disposable vapes are due to be banned at some point in 2024. We’re still awaiting a final date to be confirmed.

For now, our task as an independent vape business is to help our existing customers that only use disposable vapes switch over to a rechargeable vape kit, to ensure the continue to stay smoke free. Which unfortunately leads us on to the subject of todays blog, the government also announced plans to restrict e-liquid flavours and to introduce plain packaging at the same time the disposable ban was announced.

Do you enjoy flavoured e-liquids? If the answer is yes, it is essential that you read on and take action today.

What vape flavours are being banned?

The government has announced plans to ban flavours that are deemed to have “youth appeal” or are “targeted at minors” the question is, how far will this go? Candy flavours, cola flavours, dessert flavours, fruit flavours? Who will decides what is classed as a candy flavour or a fruit flavour? We’re sure you agree it’s best that we do all we can as a community to stop this in its tracks, than sit back and wait to find out when it’s too late.

It’s important to realise that this is very real, the government have announced there will be an upcoming consultation to discuss it in more detail. It’s also important to realise that if we do nothing and sit here quietly without letting our voices be heard, we almost certainly will end up with one flavour to choose from, tobacco flavour.

Quite frankly, the proposal of banning flavoured e-liquid is outrageous. Bubblegum flavoured vodka is apparently not an issue, however bubblegum e-liquid is? This makes absolutely no sense to us.

What can you do about this?

If you vape flavoured e-liquid, and you believe that flavoured e-liquid has enabled you to quit smoking for good, it’s time to spread the word and make your voice heard. Sign the petition, write to your local MP, share the petition to your friends and family that also vape. It’s time to make some noise.

If we sit back and do nothing, there is a very real possibility that within a year the only flavour vape to choose from will be tobacco, tobacco or tobacco. Which will absolutely rip the industry apart, we predict almost every vape shop would close down and the industry would then belong to the convenience industry, with supermarkets and corner shops being the main outlet for your tobacco e-liquids and pen style vape kits, thousands of UK e-liquid manufacturers would close down, hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments or future announcements by the government, however for now, the first steps YOU can take to protect our industry is;

  1. Sign the current petition - its as simple as clicking here, confirming your email address.
  2. Share the petition to your vaping friends and family - via word of mouth, social media or any means you can think of.
  3. Write to your MP - Their job is to be the voice of the local community to the government, let them know your concerns, tell them how this would effect you, ask them what they are going todo about it. To write to them, simply click here and search by your postcode, click on their name and then click on their email address to send them an email outlining your concerns.

For now that is about as much as we can do, ensure our voices are heard, raise awareness and keep up to date with future progress.

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