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ElfLiq vs Bar Juice 5000

ElfLiq vs Bar Juice 5000

There’s no doubt that disposable vape e-liquid flavours are one of the best selling ranges recently, whether you love them or hate them. Flavours like Blue Razz Lemonade, Mango, Strawberry Ice etc have taken the vaping world by storm. These flavours are categorised as simple yet strong. They’re usually used by people who are trying to move away from disposable vapes onto refillable pod kits. They’re similar to disposables and usually are double concentrated. This means there’s even more flavour concentrate in the e-liquid than most standard e-liquids which makes the disposable style liquids incredibly stronger than the majority of liquids. There are now hundreds of different brands creating “bar style” disposable vape flavours. In this blog today we’ll go through two of the most popular and famous brands that are currently ruling the market when it comes to disposable flavours. Both Bar Juice 5000 and Elfliq both feature in our top 10 best nic salts of the year, so we know you won't be disappointed no matter which you decide is the best.

Elfliq and Elf Bar

Most people who have been vaping recently will have most likely heard of Elf Bar. They’re a huge manufacturer of disposable vapes, and are extremely well known in the UK. Although Elf Bar grew their following due to their disposable vapes, they’ve been able to branch out to other parts of the vaping industry. This includes pre-filled pods called Elfa Pods a with rechargeable device, to nicotine pouches, to nic salt e-liquid. Yes, Elf Bar have created their very own nic salt range. They’ve created their nic salt range using the same e-liquid found in their Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2 disposable vapes. This is what makes transitioning over from disposables to refillable kits much easier, as the flavours are identical.

Nicotine Strength

The great thing about Elfliq nic salts is the range of nicotine strengths available. You’re able to use 20mg (2%) strength which is the same strength found in the disposable range. It’s also possible to use 10mg (1%) and 5mg (0.5%). This allows you to cut your nicotine consumption down efficiently making it easier to quit vaping if that’s your goal, or lower your nicotine in order to vape less. The majority of the flavours available in the Elfliq range is available in 5mg making the range incredibly accessible to the majority of nic salt vapers. Elfliq haven’t released all of their flavours in 5mg yet, however it’s certain that it’s on the horizon.


All Elfliq is a consistent 50VG/50PG ratio, making them perfect for a range of pod kits and MTL tanks like the Xros range of pods and kits. 50/50 means they are a thinner e-liquid that works great with the majority of low-powered kits, but especially small kits that feature small coils. This makes Elfliq one of the best nic salt ranges for people who are new to vaping and just want to start with a simple pod kit.


Most of the flavours featured in the Elfliq nic salt range are the same flavours found in their disposable vapes. There are some that are either not featured or were, and are now discontinued. However, there’s also many flavours from the Elf Bar disposable range that aren’t featured in the Elfliq range which may disappoint some people. The majority of the most popular flavours are available like Pink Lemonade, Elfbull Ice, Strawberry Kiwi etc, however some flavours are still yet to be seen in the range.

Bar Juice 5000

Bar Juice 5000 is a nic salt e-liquid brand created in the UK and manufactured in China. They produce delicious “bar style” flavours in convinient 10ml bottles. Their main goal is to show everyone that you can get 3000 puffs from a singular bottle, so it’s time to ditch the disposables. Bar Juice 5000 were one of the first brands to introduce disposable style flavours into a full range. They based their flavours off of famous disposable brands like Elf Bar, Elux, Geek Bar, and more. Their range is based off of many different brands, and have a mix of flavours with inspirations from many different brands.

Nicotine Strength

Bar Juice 5000 offer 2 types of nicotine strength, 10mg (1%), and 20mg (2%). 20mg is the same strength found in the majority of disposable vapes making it the best strength to use when transitioning away from disposable vapes to refillable pod kits. 10mg is also a popular strength for people looking to cut down on their nicotine, or people wanting to use a higher powered kit.


The ratio of PG to VG varies throughout the Bar juice 5000 range. This is sometimes seen as a good thing and a bad thing. The ratios range from 50VG/50PG, to 45VG/55PG, to 40VG/60PG. Although there’s not much difference in these ratios, some people prefer to stick with a specific ratio for a plethora of reasons. This can make it tricky to try much of the Bar Juice 5000 range. To ensure you’re getting the ratio you like, you need to check the product description before purchasing as many of the flavours feature varying ratios. The majority of pod kits and low powered MTL (mouth to lung) tanks can handle all of these ratios perfectly though.


The great thing about the Bar Juice 5000 range is that it encompasses many fan-favourite flavours inspired by many brands. For example, you have a Pineapple Ice (one of the most popular Lost Mary flavours), Unicorn Shake (being one of the most popular Elux Legend flavours), and Banana Ice (made popular by Elf Bar and Hayati Crystal Pro Max). This makes the range much more accessible to people who enjoy all types of disposables from a range of different brands. You’re not limited to one style of disposable flavours and are able to explore a variety of flavours like mints, fruits, desserts, and drinks.

Here is a table that sums up all of the points made in this article in a head-to-head battle, so you can decide which e-liquid brand is really the best, and which one you’ll decide to add to your basket on your next shop.

Bar Juice 5000 vs Elfliq


Bar Juice 5000


Nicotine Strengths

10mg (1%), 20mg (2%)

5mg (0.5%), 10mg (1%), 20mg (2%)


£3.95 or 3 for £10

£3.49 or 4 for £10


50VG/50PG, 45VG/55PG, 40VG/60PG


Number of Flavours

32 different flavours

27 different flavours

E-liquid Profile

Strong & Sweet

Smooth & Satisfying

Flavour Profile

Dessert, Fruit, Tobacco

Dessert, Fruit, Tobacco


There are a few differences and similarities when it comes to these two bar style ranges, with one coming from a well-known disposable brand and one coming from a new and upcoming brand. Each of them have their pros and cons, however each are perfectly delicious.

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