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Why Do People Switch to Zero Nicotine Vaping?

Why Do People Switch to Zero Nicotine Vaping?

What are nicotine free vapes?

Nicotine-free vapes have seen a soar in popularity in recent months, however, vaping with 0 nicotine has been prevalent in the vaping industry for years. 0 nicotine disposable vapes and vape liquid is an alternative way to vape without consuming nicotine. Nicotine free vapes contain the same ingredients as regular vapes minus the nicotine. This is PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine), and flavour concentrates. There are many manufacturers that create no nicotine alternatives to their popular nicotine vapes, and more and more brands are following every day. Huge names like Elux Legend, Lost Mary, Elf Bar, and even Crystal Bar are all disposable vape brands that have released nicotine free versions of their most popular disposable vape styles and flavours. There are too many brands to name when it comes to 0mg e-liquid, however some of the popular few include Doozy Vape Co, Five Pawns, JAKD by Dispergo, Zeus Juice, and many more.

There are a few different ways to enjoy nicotine free vaping and the way you choose will probably depend on your vaping experience level and your budget.

Disposable Vapes

The easiest and most accessible way to experience zero nicotine vaping. Brands like Elux Legend 3500 and Lost Mary BM600 offer some of the best zero nic disposable vapes in terms on design and flavour. Disposable vapes require no maintenance, re-fills, or re-charging. This makes them easily the best suited vapes to start your 0 nicotine journey with. Also, if you haven’t made up your mind whether to switch to 0mg vaping, disposables are an inexpensive way to test it out, with 600 puff Lost Marys costing £4.99 and Elux Legend 3500 puffs costing only £11.98.

Best Suited To:

  • Complete beginners to vaping
  • People wanting to sample 0 nicotine vapes
  • People who want a simple, easy vaping experience.

Simple Pod Kits

The “step-up” to disposable vapes are simple rechargeable and refillable pod kit. These small pod kits work best with 50VG/50PG e-liquid. 0mg 50/50 e-liquid is much more popular now than ever, with huge brands like Doozy creating 100ml bottles of pure flavour with zero nicotine. The reason these pod kits are great are because of the low up-front cost. They require little maintenance so appeal to new vapers and experienced vapers alike. You can pick up a great pod kit anywhere from £10-£20, which is a one time cost. You will need to purchase occasional replacement pods or coils for your kit which usually range from £5-£12. However, the big savings come from the zero nicotine vape juice. Each 100ml bottle of 50/50 e-juice will cost you £11.98 on average. This is the same price as a 3500 puff disposable, however it features 30000 puffs.

Best Suited To:

  • People who consistently vape
  • People who want to mimic disposable vapes or cigarettes
  • People who want to keep their costs low

Sub-Ohm Kits

Sub-ohm kits are a much more advanced way to vape 0mg juice, however it usually offers the best experience. Sub-ohm kits and sub-ohm tanks are designed to be used with 70/30 e-liquid. This liquid is much thicker than 50/50 liquid and many people find that it produces much more flavour than a pod kit or a disposable. Sub-ohm vaping is generally used by people who have been vaping for a while and don’t need to completely replicate the act of smoking. This is because when you’re vaping sub-ohm you inhale using DTL (direct to lung) breaths, instead of gathering the vapour in your mouth before taking it back to your lungs. This makes this way of vaping much less efficient for people wanting to replicate the feeling of smoking, but great for people seeking a large flavour and vapour production.

Best Suited To:

  • People who enjoy vaping as a hobby
  • People that aren’t bothered about similarities to cigarettes or disposable vapes
  • People who enjoy huge amounts of flavour and are willing to put in the time and effort maintaining a sub-ohm kit.

So Why Do People Switch To Nicotine Free Vaping?

There are an array of reasons why people vape without nicotine, however you don’t need a definite reason. If you’re a smoker or ex-smoker, 0 nicotine can have it’s benefits. We’ll go over a few of the most popular reasons people make the switch to zero nicotine vaping, whether they use disposables, pod kits, or sub-ohm kits.

Nicotine Free Vapes Are Non-Addictive

One of the most prominent reasons people switch to nicotine free vaping is due to the addictiveness of nicotine. People that have weaned their nicotine very low (like 3mg or 1.5mg) may deem it necessary to start vaping 0mg to help them quit vaping completely. As nicotine is a stimulant, some people are recommended by medical professionals to drop their nicotine habit. Zero nicotine alternatives can help people in these scenarios by allowing them to stick with the habit without inhaling nicotine. Some pregnant women find 0mg vapes to be helpful in curbing cigarette cravings and as the NHS state:

“If using an e-cigarette helps you to stop smoking, it is much safer for you and your baby than continuing to smoke.”

The Hand-To-Mouth Habit

Something that many people don’t realise is the phycological addiction that smoking and vaping nicotine presents, as well as a chemical addiction. The act of lifting a cigarette or vape to your mouth is easily one of the things most people miss when trying to quit cold-turkey. Although someone may be over their addiction to nicotine, that doesn’t mean that they’re completely over the hand-to-mouth habit. Taking a break and being able to inhale something is sometimes enough to curb the last part of someone’s addiction, especially if their a social smoker. That’s where zero nicotine vapes come in. You can experience the same hand-to-mouth action, inhaling, and taking a break, without having to inhale addictive nicotine.

Better Flavour Options

Believe it or not, there are people that vape as a hobby. Some of these people love doing tricks with their vapour and are always ready to try new flavour releases and new, awesome kits. Some people who vape for fun like to stick with zero nicotine due to them using vaping as a hobby and not a replacement for smoking as many of these people don’t smoke. There are many fun aspects to vaping that many people don’t know about, like mixing your own e-liquid or building your own coils in an RDA or RTA. E-liquid, especially shortfill liquids, without nicotine taste much more flavourful and stronger. There is no nicotine to mask the flavour or water it down. Sometimes these people are called “cloud chasers” as they tend to blow a lot of vapour. The reason why is because they’re using high VG e-liquid, like 70/30 or 80/20. This ratio allows you to experience a much more flavoursome puff.

Sugary Cravings

Although it isn’t in the forefront of many peoples minds, there are people that use 0mg vapes to help curb their sugary cravings. If someone has been vaping for a very long time, especially sweet, fruity, and dessert e-liquids, it’s hard to rid the sugary cravings that come once quitting. You’re so used to tasting delicious flavours all the time, and the most common way to supplement this is by eating lots of sugary snacks. Many people see this as counter-productive as now they are overindulging in unhealthy habits. This is why instead of dropping all vapes when quitting nicotine, sticking with a 0mg vape can help curb the sugar cravings. This has also been helpful for people that have conditions where sugary cravings can be dangerous, like diabetes.

A Money Saver

If you’ve been vaping nicotine for any amount of time you’ll know that the price of 10ml e-liquid bottles can add up. You may be vaping a low enough nicotine strength where you feel ready to move on to 0mg. This is even better than you think, as the price of 50/50 or 70/30 0mg e-juice is significantly cheaper than 10ml nicotine bottles. This is because of a law that was introduced into the UK by the MHRA, the TPD regulation. This law makes sure that any nicotine containing e-liquid is in a bottle no larger than 10ml. So, if you’re looking for 0 nicotine juice you’re in luck. You can purchase 50ml, 100ml, and even 200ml bottles. Instead of £3.95 for 10ml of liquid you can get 100ml of e-liquid for £11.98. An absolutely huge saving as long as you’re prepared to pay a larger up front cost. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a sub-ohm vaper using 70/30 e-liquid, plenty of brands create 100ml 50/50 e-liquid and there’s no compromise on flavour or quality.

Why Not?

There doesn’t have to be a reason for you to switch over to 0mg vaping, you may just want to. Don’t feel pressured to quit vaping straight away once you’re down to 0mg. You may ask yourself “what’s the pointing vaping with no nicotine?”, but anything that’s helping you in your journey to stop smoking is something worth doing. Whether you currently vape 20mg or 0mg, everyone can agree that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking so we’re all on the right path.

There are many misconceptions about nicotine, the main one being that nicotine itself is a carcinogenic. Cancer Research says:

“Nicotine is the chemical that makes cigarettes addictive. But it is not responsible for the harmful effects of smoking, and nicotine does not cause cancer. People have safely used nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to stop smoking for many years. Nicotine replacement therapy is prescribed by doctors or is available from pharmacies.”

The main problem nicotine causes is addiction and does not contain the harmful chemicals that tobacco emits once burned.

How To Go Nicotine Free

Since we’ve discussed the many different ways you can bring zero nic vaping into your life, make sure you’re not rushing the transition. The best way to move over to nicotine free vaping is gradually. For example, if you start on 10mg nic salts, wean yourself slowly onto 5mg nic salts, before tapering off to 0mg. Most people find it easier to use a zero nicotine disposable vape at the start of their zero nicotine journey as you can get yourself comfortable with the feel of 0mg before completely committing. When you’re looking for a more long-term and reliable fix, a small pod kit will suffice. Who knows, you may even want to move on to sub-ohm vaping next.

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