Amelia Pearl Terea by IQOS

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    About This Product

    Amelia Pearl Terea pack of 20 sticks are compatible with IQOS ILUMA kits. Amelia Pearl is a toasted tobacco with a slightly spicy menthol aroma. When the popper is pressed, cooling notes of watermelon can be tasted.

    Terea sticks all contain the same amount of nicotine, the difference between the different packs is the intensity of the flavour and the different aromatic notes blended with the tobacco. 

    Compatible With IQOS ILUMA

    Terea sticks are only compatible with the IQOS ILUMA, IQOS ILUMA ONE, and IQOS ILUMA PRIME. Terea sticks are not compatible with previous IQOS kits. Simply pop the Terea stick in the device up until the silver line and wait for the device to heat up. Once heated you get 14 puffs of 6 minutes of smoking time per stick, whichever comes first. Once the session is finished simply dispose of the stick. 

    Compatible With:

    Terea sticks are available in 11 different tobacco, menthol, and fruit blends, so it's easier than ever to find a stick that simulates your smoking experience. Ranging from mild tobacco to rich tobacco, to spearmint, the possibilities are endless when it comes to trying Terea sticks. 

    IQOS Amelia Pearl Terea 20 Sticks Specification:

    Product Type Heated Tobacco Stick
    Pack Size 20 Sticks
    Compatible With IQOS ILUMA, IQOS ILUMA ONE
    Flavour Notes Mild Roasted Tobacco, Nutty
    Intensity Classic Tobacco, Watermelon

    Whats in the box:

    • 20 x Terea Sticks

    About IQOS

    IQOS are a company focused on creating heatless tobacco products that can help you curb your cigarette habit. IQOS have been dominating the heated tobacco industry due to their high-quality builds and delicious, authentic tobaccos. IQOS have created a new technology called Smartcore Induction System which requires no blades. This integrated heating technology allows the Terea stick to heat up without making any mess in the device as the tobacco isn't pierced, and reduces the smell it creates compared to the ILUMA predecessors. 

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      All about Terea Sticks

      Terea sticks are small, tobacco filled sticks that feature a soft filter tip. Terea sticks are designed to be used in an IQOS ILUMA device. They contain a small metal piece in the centre. This metal part heats up once the Terea stick is plugged in, allowing for the tobacco inside to be heated instead of burnt. Terea sticks by IQOS feature real tobacco that can be traced from farm, to plant, to stick. All tobacco used in Terea sticks is selected meticulously so you can enjoy a smooth experience every time.

      IQOS have created a brand new way to enjoy tobacco with their Smart Core Induction Technology. This smart tech allows for full flavoured tobacco without needing to burn it "consisting of significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals" (IQOS, 2023-Present) than traditional cigarettes while still supplying the satisfying nicotine hit cigarettes are used for. Terea sticks have a special way of using a specific aerosol with the tobacco, therefor the tobacco doesn't need to be burned in order for a good experience, lowering the levels of harmful chemicals entering your lungs.

      terea flavour chart iqos

      11 Different Flavours

      IQOS Terea Flavour Range

      Terea have a large range of flavours and intensities. Although all Terea sticks contain the same nicotine amount, the flavour and intensity of the tobacco has been tweaked for each individual flavour. Terea offer flavours that taste similar (if not identical) to your favourite rolling tobacco or straight cigarette. Picking a flavour you're familiar with can help ease your transition over to Terea from cigarettes.

      You can enjoy regular tobacco or menthol flavours, or you can switch it up and go for an aromatic or fruity blend of tobacco. Recently, IQOS have released 'capsule blends' that feature a popper in the Terea stick allowing you to change up the flavour as you're puffing. The "intensity" rating for each Terea points to how intense the tobacco flavour is, not the nicotine strength.

      inside an iqos terea stick

      4 Main Features

      IQOS Terea Stick Explained

      The Terea stick is a small, soft stick that contains a small stainless steel blade, a filter like material, and real tobacco.

      The Heating Element: This small stainless steel blade is heated when the Terea stick is placed inside an IQOS ILUMA device. The heat conducted through this blade heats the tobacco as well as the added aerosol in order to create a smooth vapour that delivers the great taste of tobacco as well as nicotine.

      Seals & Plugs: These soft seals and tight plugs remove any chance of any tobacco making its way out of the Terea stick before and after use. These clever bungs also stop foreign objects from getting inside the stick and contaminating it.

      Tobacco: The tobacco used in Terea sticks is carefully selected and fully traceable. You can relax knowing it's the best quality tobacco used with no unnecessary additives.

      Protective Wrap: You no longer need to clean your IQOS after every use. The new protective wrap eliminates any spillage or splitting.

      iqos terea heating element

      How it works

      Smart Core Induction System

      IQOS have been innovating since they launched and have now created a brand new system that allows for tobacco to be heated without needing to be pierced. Previous IQOS devices using Heets sticks required an external blade that needed maintaining and cleaning . The new IQOS ILUMA or Terea sticks requires none of this.

      This bladeless design allows for easy insertion of IQOS Terea sticks with no fiddling or piercing involved. This new induction system works internally and requires no extra steps from the user making the process mess free and more enjoyable.No tobacco is burned in the process, it's only heated. This eliminates one of the main carcinogens (tar) from the process.

      IQOS Terea sticks are simple to use. Remove your Terea stick from the packet and insure you have it up the right way, the Terea writing should be the right way up. Insert the Terea stick into your device until the top of the device is level with the silver line. Some devices feature auto-activation. If your device doesn't have this feature then you'll have to hold down the button on your device until it vibrates and the white light illuminates. You'll notice some vapour coming of the Terea stick as it's heating up, however don't puff on it until the device vibrates again to ensure the stick has heated up properly. You'll have 14 puffs or 6 minutes of run time, whichever comes first. This simulates a real cigarette which allows you to seamlessly switch from cigarettes to IQOS Terea.

      IQOS' Mission

      Why IQOS?

      IQOS have made it their mission to make an alternative to smoking without damaging the experience. You can trust that IQOS choose the highest quality materials and tobacco to help you quit smoking effectively without sacrificing taste or experience. With many flavours and intensities to choose from, your quit-smoking journey is easier than ever.

      High Quality Tobacco

      IQOS trace their tobacco from plant to Terea stick. All tobacco is checked multiple times over through the process to maintain the high level of tobacco leaves. This ensures the tobacco used is of highest quality. The quality of the leaves can be tasted when puffing on the smooth and satisfying Terea sticks.

      Final Product

      The final Terea stick is filled with quality checked throughout the whole process. Every batch of tobacco leaves is checked every 10 minutes throughout the blending stage to ensure the best tasting, smoothest tobacco possible. You'll enjoy an experience of authentic tobacco, the same (or better) quality tobacco found in regular cigarettes. All tobacco in Terea sticks feature the same nicotine content.