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Vape Mods, the beginners guide

Vape Mods, the beginners guide

Confused about vape mods? With so many styles, types and options on the market its no wonder.  We’ll give you the low down in this handy guide, you’ll be clued up with all the essential information you need to know in no time.

What exactly is a vape mod?

A vape mod is essentially the power source of your setup, they can contain built in batteries that are charged via the USB socket or use external batteries which must be charged separately in a special lithium battery charger. Different types offer different features, some are very simple and some are very advanced.

We’ll take a look at the different types available and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Box Mods

When you think vape mod this is probably what you’re picturing. Box mods are the most popular, versatile and feature rich type of mod on the market. They offer a great deal of control over your vaping experience with features like variable wattage controls, which allow you to increase or decrease the power that is sent to your coils. Furthermore, box mods are often packed with safety features to avoid any accidents. Box mods can contain an internal battery or utilise external batteries, depending on the type chosen.

Box mods have a 510 connection on top of the device, this is a universal fitting which allows you to connect almost any type of vape tank to it. 

They usually feature a nice bright screen which displays all the important information you need to know at your fingertips. You’ll find your battery level indicator, power settings, the resistance of your coil, puff counter and even the date and time on some!

Box mod pro’s

  • Versatile, can be used with any tank
  • Feature rich
  • Built in safety features

Box mod con’s

  • Can be quite large in size
  • More expensive than vape pens
  • May require additional batteries

All In One Vape Kits

All in one kits, or AIO kits for short, are exactly as the name suggests, this type of vape mod contains everything you need in one compact package. These mods can contain internal or external batteries, too. They are quite similar to box mods for the most part, featuring a screen, safety features and wattage control. The main difference between box mods and AIO devices that they contain a built in tank within the device. This reduces the height of the device considerably and makes them very pocket friendly, they’re ideal to carry around day to day.

AIO kits pro’s

  • Small and compact
  • Built in safety features
  • No need to purchase an additional tank

AIO kits con’s

  • No option to change to another tank
  • Mostly single battery with less run time
  • May require additional batteries

Vape Pens

The most simple type of vape mod, the humble vape pen. This type of mod is very popular with new vapers thanks to its familiar feel, they are inexpensive, lightweight and the ideal starting point for many. Vape pens house an internal battery which can be charged with a USB charger.

Vape pen kits contain a built in tank and are usually operated by a single button. It’s as simple as installing a coil, filling with your chosen E liquid and pressing the fire button to vape.

Vape pen pro’s

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Similar shape to a cigarette - ideal for new vapers

Vape pen con’s

  • Often outgrown quickly
  • Basic features
  • Low battery capacity

Vape Pod Kits

Pod devices are essentially the modern vape pen, these small and compact AIO devices offer everything you need in one package. Almost all of them contain a built in battery that can simply be charged with a USB charger. Pod kits get their name from the way in which the E liquid is contained, at the top of the device you’ll find a small transparent pod which can be refilled with your chosen E liquid.

Some types of pod devices contain pods which are disposed of and others contain reusable pods that allow you to replace the coil head alone. Most of the modern pod devices utilise mesh coils, which are well known for producing excellent flavour.

Vape pods come with built in safety features, some with a screen and some without. Most pod devices give the user the option of using a button to fire the device, or a draw activated firing mechanism which allows the user to simply suck on the device to fire it, without the need to press any buttons.

More recently manufacturers have began to produce disposable pod kits, too. The disposable pods are pre filled with a small amount of E liquid, often the equivalent to 20 cigarettes. Disposable pods require absolutely no maintenance at all, the whole device is discarded when the battery dies.

Vape pod pro’s

  • Compact and portable
  • Excellent flavour
  • Built in battery

Vape pod con’s

  • Often low battery capacity
  • No option to change tanks
  • Replacement pods can be more expensive than coil heads

Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are best described as a box mod with a built in juice bottle to hold your E liquid. Just like a box mod, they offer built in safety features. The device houses an empty bottle which can be filled with your chosen E liquid, the top of the device will have a special 510 connection with a hollow core, this allows you to connect a bottom fed RDA. The E liquid is forced up from the squonk bottle, through the 510 connection and in to the base of the RDA. This completely removes the need to drip when using an RDA and makes it a much more convenient process.

Squonk mods mainly use external batteries that will need to be charged in an external battery charger.

Squonk mod pro’s

  • More convenient than dripping
  • Choice of RDAs
  • Large E liquid capacity

Squonk mod con’s

  • Can be expensive
  • Reasonably bulky
  • Requires additional batteries

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods, or mech mods for short, are the most advanced type of vape mod available. This type of mod is unregulated, meaning they offer no safety features at all. They are essentially a metal tube with a 510 connector one end and a button the other end. An external battery is placed inside the tube between the 510 pin and the firing button, when the button is pressed the circuit is completed and the mod will fire.

Mech mods are only to be used by experienced users with an advanced knowledge of ohms law, battery safety and extensive coil building experience. In the wrong hands, mechanical mods can cause serious damage. They should be avoided by new vapers until they are more experienced and have a greater knowledge of vaping.

Mech mod pro’s

  • Stunning aesthetics
  • Small and compact
  • No electrical parts to fail

Mech mod con’s

  • No safety features
  • Expensive
  • Not all types are compatible with some types of tanks
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