Nixer 30ml Longfill Vape Juice

Nixer is a unique brand making longfill vape juice more accessible to use for all types of vapers. Nixer comes in a 60ml bottle featuring 30ml of concentrate. This highly concentrated juice can not be vaped alone, a Nixer "Mixer Kit" should be poured into the bottle before vaping. Each bottle comes with a Nixer pack that contains nicotine shots. The pack you receive will differ depending on which nicotine strength you chose. 

You can chose from either 50VG nic salt or 70VG freebase, with various nicotine strengths to choose from. Simply remove the shortfill nozzle and pour in your Mixer Kit and give the bottle a shake, this creates 60ml of delicious vape juice.

From bar-style flavours to luxurious desserts, Nixer offers a range of flavours to choose from and are always looking to release new flavours. You can get a bottle of Nixer along with the nicotine mixer pack for £11.98, or grab any 2 for £20. 

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