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Introducing 10 brand new Nexus nic salt flavours

Introducing 10 brand new Nexus nic salt flavours

Introducing 10 brand new Nexus nic salt flavours

Nexus have designed 10 brand new summer flavours which have been released this month. There are so many e-liquids created for summer, but I bet you’ve never seen blends as creative as Nexus. Nexus’ e-liquids are a highly rated, and are created by Pod Salt who are a largely recognised brand that are in shops all across the UK. Pod Salt are known for creating many loved brands, like Jammin, Big Tasty, and many other highly-regarded brands. Nexus was created to boast blends and flavour mixes that are unique and packed with flavour which shows in their new collection.

Nexus really outshines other brands when it comes to one-of-a-kind flavours, and have blends that suit every type of vaper. From delicious fruit blends, sweet candy flavours, to e-liquids inspired by your favourite drinks, Nexus delivers quality no matter the type of e-liquid you love. Even if you’re still unsure, just looking at the artwork and design quality of their boxes will certainly change your mind. Nexus e-liquid comes presented in 10ml e-liquid Chubby Gorilla bottles which are highly rated in the vaping community and allow a smooth transfer of liquid from bottle to pod, with a highly secure tamper-proof lid and seal. The boxes are designed with amazing contrasting colours that really pop, just holding a box of Nexus shows the premium quality and thought that’s gone into these e-liquids.

Nexus Nicotine Strengths

Nexus offer three types of nicotine strength in their e-liquids, 5mg (0.5%), 10mg (1.0%), and 20mg (2%). 5mg is best suited to people who are very light smokers, or have already been cutting down their nicotine consumption while vaping. 10mg is a strong choice for many new vapers and is mostly recommended for people who are moderate smokers or are trying to cut down from 20mg. 20mg is a great option for new vapers who are heavy smokers, usually around 20+ cigarettes a day. 20mg is the highest available nicotine strength in the UK so is usually plentiful for people coming off of cigarettes and worry about the nicotine not being enough to satisfy their cravings. Whether you vape 5mg or 20mg of Nexus you won’t be disappointed with the smooth feeling it provides. Many 20mg nic salts can be harsh on the throat, however Nexus use super-smooth nicotine and ingredients in their recipes so you can enjoy a high nicotine strength without compromising on flavour and vaping experience.

The New Nexus Nic Salt Flavours

  • White Gummy Bear
  • Sweet Strawberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry Banana Rhubarb
  • Pear Apple Raspberry
  • Orange Mango Lime
  • Lemon Lime Sorbet
  • Grape Berry Burst
  • Berry Lemon Ice
  • Fresh Raspberry Mojito
  • Blue Razz Cherry Blast

All of these new flavours were created to make your summer top notch, with delicious cocktail blends like Fresh Raspberry Mojito, and fizzy favourites like Sweet Strawberry Lemonade. So, whether you enjoy a sweet candy treat like White Gummy Bear, or a tropical medley like Orange Mango Lime, Nexus is sure to impress.

The Other Nexus Nic Salt Flavours

Nexus have 10 other flavours in their range, featuring completely different flavour profiles to each other, not one e-liquid will taste the same as another like you find with many other brands. The other flavours Nexus Offer are:

  • Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi
  • Mango Strawberry Peach
  • Lime Raspberry Grapefruit
  • Blueberry Blackberry Lemonade
  • Sour Blue Raspberry
  • Sweet Tangerine Coconut
  • Rainbow
  • Fuji Apple Peach
  • Pineapple Passion Lime
  • White Grape Cucumber Apple

Nexus is a brand that adapt to the time, whether that’s releasing new e-liquids for each season, or creating better versions of other popular e-liquid flavours. Sometimes, vaping the same type of flavour over and over (Blue Razz Lemonade for example) can dull down your vaping experience. Nexus are a brand that revives that feeling you once had when you started vaping. The blends offered aren’t superficial, the flavours do really stand out, and you can truly taste every flavour featured in each e-liquid, that’s why we think the new Nexus salts are so special here at Prime Vapes.

The Nexus e-liquids feature a 50VG/50PG ratio, meaning it’s relatively thin, and works best in small, lower powered pod kits and tanks, like the Xros Mini 3. You can buy one Nexus 10ml nic salt for £3.95, or you can mix and match Nexus with other brands featured in our 3 for £10 multi buy deal. Why not grab one of the new flavours when you next buy your e-liquid, you won’t be disappointed.

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