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Introducing The Fugly Range

Introducing The Fugly Range

Introducing The Fugly Range

Everyone loves shortfills and nic salts, they’re a staple of the vaping community and are the most common e-liquids purchased. Every vaper is different, especially when it comes to flavours. Some people prefer the exotic bliss of a fruit medley, whereas some people are in love with gooey caramel shortcakes. Luckily, we stock a brand here at Prime Vapes that ticks all of those boxes. Introducing, the Fugly Range. Fugly is a brand that was created here in the UK by a company called Dispergo Vaping. Dispergo was created off the back of Jack Rabbit Vapes, and are hugely known for their other amazing brands like the Unreal series, the Re-Salt range,(you can learn more about re-salt here) and even the Udderly Amazing range. All of these ranges are hugely popular and have garnered huge success, making Dispergo even more popular by the day.

Fugly But?

The Fully series is compiled of two sub ranges, Fugly But Sweet and Fugly But Fruity. Fugly But Sweet focuses on creating delicious dessert based flavours in both their shortfill range and their nic salt range. These desserts are diverse, and definitely unique as many of these flavours have never been seen before. A full flavour list for both Fugly But Sweet’s nic salt and shortfill range is as follows:

  • Yum Yum
  • Dark Fruit Eat ’N’ Mess
  • Caramel Blondie
  • Blue Raspberry Cream Pie

All four of these flavours have had high reviews and are definitely a hidden gem. For example, the favourite in this office out of these flavours is the Yum Yum. It offers a crispy doughnut yum yum covered in a delicious vanilla glaze. We vaped this as a shortfill in a sub-ohm set up and could really feel the layers. The flavour gently sits on your tongue after vaping, too.

Fugly But Fruity is the sub-range that is filled with delicious and unique fruit blends. These blends are something you may not usually try, however are definitely worth giving a shot. They are:

  • Blackcurrant & Cherry
  • Mango Passionfruit & Pear
  • Blue Raspberry Rhubarb & Lychee
  • Strawberry Watermelon & Papaya

Out of these four our favourite is definitely without a doubt the Mango Passionfruit & Pear. The mango is super succulent especially paired with the soft, juicy pear. Even when vaping the nic salt version, the flavour is immensely strong, and not muted at all by the low wattage. A lot of our customers really enjoy the Blue Raspberry Rhubarb & Lychee too as the sharpness and sweetness are well balanced and compliment each other well.

Fugly Nicotine Strengths

Fugly shortfills are available as 100ml of e-liquid in a 120ml bottle, making room for two nicotine booster shots. This means you can make Fugly shortfills up to 3mg, which is the recommended amount to vape in a sub-ohm kit. Alternatively, you can vape Fugly shortfills at 0mg, the way you purchase them. Fugly Nic Salts come in both 10mg and 20mg strengths allowing the majority of vapers to enjoy the e-liquid. We recommend that if you’re a heavy smoker that’s transitioning to vaping you should start with 20mg of nic salts. If you’re a moderate to light smoker, or you’re trying to cut down on the nicotine you already vape, then 10mg is your best bet. 

Fugly Ratios

Both of the sub-ranges for the Fugly shortfill feature a 70VG/30PG ratio. This means that the e-liquid is relatively thick and is best vaped in a high-power sub-ohm kit. The e-liquid is thick so any coil it’s being vaped with needs to be big and powerful enough to keep up with the re-wicking go the e-liquid. Fugly Nic Salts feature a 50VG/50PG ratio, making them perfect for low-powered kits and MTL tanks, and pod kits that feature a low wattage. This allows you to receive a smooth throat hit with sufficient amount of nicotine.

Although Fugly is a relatively recently released e-liquid brand, it’s grown in popularity due to being different to the current vaping market, and being produced by such a highly regarded brand it was sure to top the charts.

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