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Introducing the Unreal E-liquid Range

Introducing the Unreal E-liquid Range

Introducing the Unreal Range

Unreal is a huge range created by Dispergo here in the UK. Unreal has many ranges, including shortfills and nic salts. Dispergo was created off the back of Jack Rabbit Vaoes in 2019 and have blew up in popularity ever since. All of their e-liquid is designed and created in-house at Dispergo’s warehouses right here in the UK. The Unreal range especially has rocketed Dispergo’s image in the vaping industry, with new ranges of Unreal being released all the time. A lot of effort goes into the recipes of Unreal which is apparent when you taste the e-liquid. Unreal’s first range encompassed a blue raspberry base paired with a complimentary fruit flavour. Dispergo then built up more ranges with some being complex flavours and some being simple yet tasty blends.

Unreal Nic Salts

The Unreal nic salts are split over three ranges; Unreal Raspberry, Unreal 2, and Unreal 3. Unreal Raspberry is a blue raspberry base paired with other great flavours. Unreal 2 pairs two delicious, fruity flavours to create a unique concoction, and Unreal 3 focuses on tropical medleys with a hint of slushy. The Unreal ranges are so popular that they are found all around the UK, and everyone praises them to the high quality flavours. The nic salts are available in 10mg and 20mg, making them great for many vapers. For people quitting smoking, 20mg is usually the best bet, however if you’re a moderate to low smoker then 10mg should suit you better. All of Unreal's salt blends are available in 10ml bottles, with a 50VG/50PG ratio. Some of our favourite flavours from each range are;

  • Unreal Blue (Unreal Raspberry)
  • Dark Grape & Bubblegum (Unreal 2)
  • Pineapple Lemon & Lime (Unreal 3)

These are our favourite nic salts as they encompass what Unreal is all about. Fruity and delicious e-liquids that you always want more of. Unreal Blue stands out to us as it was the baseline for all other blue raspberry flavours, and it stuck for good reason. It’s a soft subtle blue raspberry without any of the harshness that some blue raspberries provide. Dark Grape and Bubblegum is not surprisingly very popular. Encompassing juicy dark grapes with a chewy and mouth-watering bubblegum really makes a great e-liquid. Pineapple Lemon and Lime is especially great to us as it just has that unexplainable summer feel. Cooling pineapple with tangy lemon and lime makes for such a good MTL vape.

Unreal Shortfills

Aside from the aforementioned ranges, Unreal Shortfills have an exclusive addition, Unreal Berries. Unreal Berries is a 100ml shortfill range that truly makes a great berry blend. There are delicious yet unusual flavours like Rhubarb and Raspberry and Grape and Lime. Although you may have heard of blends like this before, unless you’ve tasted Unreal’s blends you’re missing out. For example, the rhubarb’s sharpness brings out the sugary sweetness of the raspberry, making the blend amazingly designed. Some of our favourite blends from the shortfill are as follows;

  • Unreal Red (Unreal Raspberry)
  • Pineapple Passionfruit (Unreal 2)
  • Mango Passionfruit (Unreal 3)
  • Cranberry Raspberry (Unreal Berries)

Unreal Red is just the perfect simple blend. It contains that subtle blue raspberry we mentioned earlier, paired with the darkest and juiciest of cherries to create a truly delicious and mouth-watering blend. We’ve only heard good things about this blend, which is true to it’s brand. Pineapple Passionfruit combines the best exotic fruits, tangy pineapple and punchy passionfruit. This blends preforms amazingly in a sub-ohm kit as it really brings out the layers in the e-liquid. Mango and Passionfruit is the same, it exceeds in a sub-ohm device because of the complexity of the blend. Cranberry Raspberry is a juicy yet sharp blend that really makes your mouth water.

The Unreal blends are understandably very popular, and are very premium tasting and deserves a high spot in your vaping collection. All of Unreal’s collections are featured on our website, and when Unreal release new products they will be added to our website pronto so always keep an eye out.

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