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These E-liquids Are Causing A Riot

These E-liquids Are Causing A Riot

These E-liquids Are Causing A Riot

Riot Squad is one of the most recognisable vaping brands in the whole of the UK, with their e-liquids winning awards left right and centre. Riot S:ALT is by far their most popular brand they sell This is a range of e-liquid that is unlike the rest, as this brand incorporates a hybrid style of nicotine. One of the reasons Riot is famous is for the hybrid they use in their S:ALT range, which is nicotine salt blended with traditional nicotine. The e-liquid then gives a smooth inhale, with a noticeable throat hit that usually isn’t felt with nicotine salt alone. Riot proud themselves on creating affordable yet absolutely delicious e-liquids, as their 10ml bottles are featured in our 4 for £10 range. So whether a 10ml bottle or a shortfill e-liquid, you're guaranteed a high quality e-liquid.

Riot Salts

Riot have released many types of e-liquid, with their ranges covering 63 different products. A notable range is Riot’s BAR EDTN, which includes Riot’s own take on all of your favourite disposable flavours with a Riot twist. There are adapted flavours like Lychee Watermelon and Banana Kiwi Ice which taste way better than they sound.

Riot also have a Punx edition. This range is focused on creating unique, tropical frenzies, with many of the recipes not ever being explored or created before. For example, Apple Cucumber & Aniseed, and Banana Raspberry & Dragonfruit. We’re not sure on the reason that these flavours haven’t been crafted before, as they are absolutely lovely.

Riot also have a range known as the BLK EDTN which features deep and dark blends comprised of Mango Vanilla Ice-Cream, Rich Black Grape, and more. These flavours are definitely something you need to try. Riot even offer a menthol range, pairing cooling menthol with all of your favourite flavours All of Riot’s e-liquids are available in 10mg and 20mg nic salts, with some of their ranges offering 5mg too. They all come in 10ml bottles with a majority boasting a 50VG/50PG ratio.

Some of our favourite Riot nic salts are;

  • Blue Burst (Riot S:ALT)
  • Sour Strawberry (BAR EDTN)
  • Cherry Menthol (Menthol)
  • Sour Cherry & Apple (BLK EDTN)

Riot Shortfills

Don’t worry, if you love the sound of the e-liquids above but you vape shortfill e-liquid in a sub-ohm tank, you won’t be missing out. Riot offer a majority of their e-liquids in 50ml / 100ml shortfills. This means you can enjoy your favourite Riot flavours, all you need is a few nicotine shots (if you vape with nicotine) and you’re ready to go. Our favourite range featured in their shortfill collection is the BLK EDTN 100ml e-liquids.

The reason we love this range is due to the flavours, and the versatility involved. When you purchase 100ml of this Riot e-liquid, you actually receive two 50ml bottles. This means that you have much more variety when adding nic shots to your e-liquid, and it’s much easier to carry around and refill your vape, too.

Riot are amazing at keeping up to everyone’s expectations and are always releasing new e-liquids and ranges. Any new ranges (especially nic salts as we love them here!) will be promptly added to our website.

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