Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape By SKE

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Nicotine Strength: 20mg (2%)
Flavour: Rose Edition
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    About This Product

    crystal bar 2400 puff vape uk

    SKE Crystal 4in1: The Revolving Vape Pod System

    Introducing the SKE Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape, the revolutionary vape pod system that's not just a device, but a pocket-sized sensation. Unleash your thirst for innovation with this one-of-a-kind product that transforms the traditional vaping experience. Embark on a flavourful journey and discover the future of vaping with the Crystal 4in1. 

    Spin and Roll.

    Experience an array of flavour options with SKE's Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape, featuring the innovative 'Spin and Roll' feature that lets you easily change between pods with a single spin. This advanced design not only adds convenience, but also brings a thrilling sensory experience. Hear the distinct 'click-clack' sound and be transported to a whole new realm of flavours with just a simple flick of your fingers. 

    Your flavour, your choice. 

    Why limit yourself to one flavour per session when you can enjoy a variety of four at your fingertips? With the SKE Crystal 4in1 vape, you have the freedom to choose from four distinct pods, each clearly labeled with its unique flavour. Mix and match to create your own personalised flavour combinations. Want to start with a puff of Pink Lemonade and then indulge in the richness of Blueberry Peach? The possibilities for a customised vape session are endless. 

    Flexibility Meets Style.

    Within its flexible design, the foundation of the Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape By SKE is its impressive power and capacity. Its stunning crystal exterior encases a 950mAh battery, providing uninterrupted vaping. With four pods offering a total e-liquid capacity of 8ml, this vape pod system is the epitome of long-lasting performance. Whether you're on-the-go or at home, the Crystal 4in1 ensures endless vaping pleasure. 

    A whole host of flavours to choose from.

    Discover the wide selection of flavours offered by the Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape By SKE. From the unique Lychee Ice to the comforting Cola Ice, there is a flavour to fit every mood and occasion. Experience the refreshing Lemon & Lime or the exotic Tropical Mixed blend, as there is a flavour profile for every palate. 

    SKE crystal bar 2400 puff vape

    Closer look

    • Battery Capacity: A robust 950mAh for extended vaping sessions.
    • Nicotine Level: A satisfying 2%, striking the perfect balance between flavour and kick.
    • Puff Count: Up to 600, making every pod a marathon of pleasure.
    • Pod Capacity: 2ml each, four pods, a total of 8ml e-liquid capacity.
    • Charging Method: Type-C for fast and efficient power-ups.

    How to use the Crystal Bar 4 in 1 vape

    The SKE Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape is more than just a typical vape pod system. Its sleek crystal casing not only adds a touch of elegance, but also serves as a symbol of innovation and transformation. This revolutionary device offers a unique spin feature, a wide range of flavours, and unbeatable endurance, making it the top choice for adult vaping enthusiasts. Embrace the Crystal 4in1 and elevate your vaping experience with a simple spin. 

    The SKE Crystal 4in1 vape pod system elevates the vaping experience with its user-friendly design. Here’s a step-by-step guide to immerse yourself in its vaping excellence:

    1. Pod Selection: Begin by choosing up to four of your favorite flavored pods. The SKE Crystal 4in1 vape’s unique pod clip design allows for multiple flavors to be on standby, ready for your selection.

    2. Insert and Spin: Insert the chosen pods into the innovative pod clip. To select a flavor, simply rotate the clip until the desired pod aligns with the vape mouthpiece. A distinctive 'click-clack' sound signals the pod is locked in place and ready for use.

    3. Vaping Made Simple: With the desired pod in position, draw on the mouthpiece to activate the device. The SKE Crystal 4in1 is draw-activated, eliminating the need for buttons and making the vaping process as intuitive as breathing.

    The Crystal Bar 2400 Puff 4 In 1 Vape By SKE offers both individual and mixed options for its pod flavours. Customers can choose from a variety of flavours, including the following:


    • Watermelon Ice
    • Watermelon Strawberry
    • Pink Lemonade
    • Melon Berry


    • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
    • Cola Ice
    • Blueberry Raspberries
    • Blueberry Peach


    • Lemon & Lime
    • Blueberry Lime
    • Tropical Mixed
    • Lychee Ice


    • Cherry Ice
    • Fizzy Cherry
    • Strawberry Burst
    • White Peach Razz

    Whats in the box:

    • SKE Crystal 4in1 device
    • User Manual
    • 4 x pre-filled e-liquid pods (2ml)

    At Prime Vapes we would always recommend switching to a refillable pod or pen kit after giving them a try, refillable pod or pen kits are much kinder to the planet and much more cost effective too, with many more flavours available in nic salts to fill your pod up with.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Carla M.
    Crystal bar SKE 4in1

    Very fast delivery very happy with my products and was very happy with the service I received

    About Disposable Vapes

    There are many reasons why someone may pick up a disposable vape. For some people, the convenience of an all-in-one device that requires no maintenance is perfect for them. As these devices are just open and puff, many people enjoy taking them out for nights out or travelling, for example. You don’t need to faff around with refilling e-liquid or charging batteries. If you’re quitting smoking, a disposable resembles a cigarette. It’s ready out of the packet and can be discarded after use. The 20mg (2%) nic salts inside disposables provide a smooth hit that gives the satisfaction of cigarettes. If you’re new to vaping and are overwhelmed when it comes to refilling and maintaining a kit, a disposable device can help you ease through the transition from smoking to vaping. 

    There are many brands of disposables available, and new ones are always being produced. Some of the most recognisable brands include Elf bar, Lost Mary, Elux, Crystal Bar, Pod Salt and more. Each brand has different selling factors, however, all disposables contain 2ml of e-liquid. This is because due to TPD regulations, a concealed device like a disposable can not exceed a tank over 2ml. Anything bigger than this is illegal. There are a few discrepancies with disposables, like the shape and material of the device, and whether the e-liquid was made in the UK, China, or somewhere else. The coil inside a disposable device can be a kanthal coil, a mesh coil, or something else. All of these factors do not make one better than the other, but it means your vaping experience can be altered in a way that provides a more satisfying and comfortable style.

    Getting along with disposables more than regular, freebase e-liquid is not uncommon. Disposables contain nicotine salt which is chemically altered nicotine. This nicotine is much smoother on the throat and provides a quick nicotine hit and fast absorption just like a cigarette. If you want to progress onto a refillable kit to save money and you’re comfortable with the e-liquid inside of disposables, then consider filling your kit up with nic salt e-liquids like Elfliq by Elf Bar that provides the same flavour and hit as disposables. Using a refillable kit allows you to have much more control over your nicotine consumption, so you can lower it if necessary.

    Disposables contain nic salt e-liquid usually of a 50/50 ratio. Nicotine salt is created when normal nicotine is paired with a form of acid (like benzoic) which alters the PH and formulation of the compound. Inhaling nicotine salt vs freebase e-liquid gives a much smoother throat hit, and enters your bloodstream a lot quicker. This is why nicotine salt is available in higher doses, like 20mg (2%). You don’t need as much of it to feel satisfied and it’s hard to overdo it as the satisfaction is almost instant. Nic salts can be purchased in 10ml bottles too, so once you move on to a refillable vape you can stick with nic salts. They’re also available in 5mg (0.5%), 10mg (1%), and 20mg (2%) to cater to almost everyone. 

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