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Coils By Scott

Coils By Scott is a small independent brand located in the UK. Scott has been handcrafting his own coils for many years and is one of the longest standing hand-made coil companies to exist. You'll be in capable hands when using Coils by Scott as he has extremely high ratings and reviews. With a large range of pre-made coils you'll find something you really love whether you vape MTL or DTL.
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These coils represent the epitome of craftsmanship, meticulously handmade in the United Kingdom from top-of-the-line wire materials. Every coil undergoes a meticulous process of expert construction and thorough cleaning post-production. With their innovative design, these Coils By Scott coils not only deliver exceptional flavour but also unleash voluminous clouds of magnificent scale, truly setting a new standard in vaping experience. There's no wonder why Coils By Scott have been in business for so long, the coils are exceptional quality and are available to you whether you have MTL, DTL, or somewhere in-between. Created in the UK by a small, independent business, Coils by Scott are of the highest quality and are worth the investment.