Unreal Raspberry Nic Salt E-liquids

Unreal Raspberry's e-liquid range include rich and mouth-watering nic salts all based around blue raspberries coated and complimented with an additional distinctive flavour. Whether you're a lover of sharp pineapple, sweet cherry, or dark blackberries, Unreal will fulfil your blue raspberry dreams.

This 50/50 e-liquid is available in 10mg or 20mg which is perfect for refilling pod devices with.

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About Unreal Nic Salts

Unreal has created three different brands of Unreal Raspberry including Unreal Raspberry, Unreal 2 and Unreal 3. Unreal 1 is a nic salt e-liquid range based all around many people’s favourite vape juice flavour, blue raspberry. There are many combinations in this range, including blue raspberry paired with delicious cherry, or a dark, rich grape. Unreal Raspberry has grown in popularity due to the authenticity of their blue raspberry taste. Unlike many brands, Unreal make sure their blue raspberry tastes fresh and doesn’t overpower the other fruits like you may find in disposable flavours. 

Unreal 2 is an e-liquid range based on mixing two of the finest fruits into a delicious treat. Unlike many other brands, the flavours included in Unreal 2 can be detected separately and don’t overpower each other. This brand is amazing for people who enjoy a fruity e-liquid that’s not too overpowering. As an example, some of the flavours that are hugely popular are Dark Grape & Bubblegum and Lemon & Raspberry. 

Unreal 3 is the most recent range released by Dispergo in the Unreal collection. This range features tropical blends combining two delicious fruits to remind you of a holiday paradise. Some of the most popular flavours from this range include Blue Hawaiian and Raspberry Tangerine. These flavours push the boundaries of usual combinations and create a truly tropical feeling when vaping them. 

All of the Unreal range is created by Dispergo, which is a highly regarded company in the UK, where all of their e-liquids are created here in the UK. They put a lot of thought into their recipes using high-quality ingredients, making sure you're happy with your e-liquid. Dispergo is well-known for many brands including Fancy Fruits, Okay Orange, and the Fugly range. All of the Unreal salts are included in the 3 for £10 range, so you can enjoy any of these salts mixed and matched with other 3 for £10 salts.

All the Unreal salts feature a 50VG/50PG ratio so are best suited to lower-powered tanks and pod kits. These salts will produce minimal vapour and maximum flavour.

For a true blue raspberry flavour, Unreal Blue is one of the best blue raspberry flavours to grace our nic salt collection. Without the overpowering, chemical after-taste, these blue raspberries are the most authentic and will provide a real juicy vape. 

If you’re someone who loves fruit e-liquid that merges perfectly and creates a unique blend, then Unreal 2’s Pineapple & Passionfruit e-liquid will blow you away. Described as a “delicious exotic blend” by Dispergo themselves, you won’t experience anything less. Pineapple & Passionfruit is a sharp yet sweet amazing blend which very rarely gains any negative reviews. 

Unreal 3 focuses on creating slush-like flavours that recreate that tropical feeling of a warm holiday. Arguably, the best flavour featured in this nic salt range is the Blue Hawaiian. This e-liquid features a lovely blue raspberry paired with coconut. The coconut adds a smooth and creamy base to the sweet and ripe blue raspberry to create a truly enjoyable vape. If you want to try just one e-liquid from the Unreal range, then the Blue Hawaiian is the e-liquid to try.