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DIY Vape Tool Kit By Demon Killer

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Demon Killer Vape Tool Kit is a multi-functional tool kit for DIY coil building.

It includes Cutter Pliers, Folding Scissor, DIY Coil Jig, Ceramic Tweezer, Bent Tweezer, Screw Driver, Coil Cleaning Tools, cleaning cloth. The kit is supplied in a smart zip up case and is ideal to carry around.

Whats in the pack

  • 1* Cutter Pliers
  • 1* Folding Scissor
  • 1* DIY Coil Jig
  • 1* Ceramic Tweezer
  • 1* Bent Tweezer
  • 1* Screw Driver
  • 1* Coil Cleaning Tools
  • 1* Cleaning Cloth

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