The Prime Vapes E-Liquid Cleanroom

Where is Your E-Liquid Made?

All prime vapes E-liquid is manufactured with love, right here in sunny Bristol, UK.

We're just a small company compared to others but we've always put hygiene and impeccable standards at the top of our list, right from the get-go. We choose to skip the fancy boxes and unnecessary packaging instead, we've invested heavily in the part actually matters, the production facility.

When you're vaping a prime vapes liquid you can rest assured that every drop inside of that bottle has been manufactured with the utmost care and attention, right here, in house, in our purpose built ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

All work surfaces within our cleanroom are made from stainless steel and fully sanitised with 70% alcohol solution before and after any mixing or bottling takes place.

All staff authorised to enter the cleanroom undertake strict gowning procedures, including full coverage disposable lab suits, nitrile gloves, hair nets and overshoes, to ensure the only thing that ends up in your bottle, is your delicious juice.