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Vape mods offer you much greater control and more options over your vape. Many of the modern vape mods come equipped with a whole host of settings, to really dial in your own personal preference.

Temperature control, variable wattage (VW), the ability to handle sub-ohm coils and advanced safety features are the main features you will enjoy with a new vape mod.

We stock a large selection of mods, from the industry leading manufacturers, such as Aspire, Vaporesso, Dotmod and Geekvape.

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A vape mod essentially the battery part of a vape kit, on the vape mod you can change the power settings. When vaping started, enthusiastic early adopters modified standard torches to deliver power to vape atomiser coils. Enterprising people with lathes began crafting dedicated metal tubes for vaping which became known as mods, mainly mechanical or “mech” mods. The vape mod houses a battery or batteries. They come in all sorts of sizes, colours and configurations. Some vape mods just let you fill and vape; others allow you to customise things like the temperature of the coil and power settings to perfect your experience.