What is a shortfill eliquid?

In the vaping community the term "shortfill" gets thrown around a lot, and at prime vapes we stock a huge amount, but what exactly is a shortfill? Today we will be running through the overview of them and the reason why they exist.

The low down 

A shortfill is quite simply a concentrated, nicotine free eliquid. The most popular sizes tend to be 50ml and 100ml. For example, if you were to pick up a 50ml shortfill juice, what you get is a 60ml bottle "shortfilled" with 50ml of concentrated eliquid. So we have enough room in this bottle to add a "nicotine shot", which is vaping lingo for a unflavoured, high nicotine level eliquid. Nic shots are most commonly sold in 18mg strength, in various ratios. 

Adding the nicotine and mixing

So, we have established what a shortfill eliquid is, but how do we mix them? Its quite simple, actually. Mixing your shortfill is not as daunting as it may sound - you won't be needing a chemistry degree here. To mix your shortfill, you will need to essentially pour your nicotine shot/s in to your shortfill and give them a good shake. The most difficult part is removing the nibs and caps! We'll go into the quantities need next.

For your 50ml shortfills - you will need ONE whole 10ml 18mg nicotine shot, this will yield a 60ml bottle at 3mg nicotine.

For your 100ml shortfills - you will need TWO whole 18mg nicotine shots, this will yield a 120ml bottle at 3mg nicotine.

I vape 6mg or higher, can i use shortfills?


Shortfill juice is aimed at the 0mg or 3mg users in general, many vapers do indeed use them to mix 6mg liquids - What you will need to consider is, to achieve your 6mg target you will need to add double the amount of nicotine shots, thus diluting the flavour more than intended. It is possible but, your liquid's flavour will not be as intense.

I Vape nicotine free eliquids?

Nicotine free vapers can either use shortfills as they come or they can mix in some vegetable glycerine (also known as VG). Either option is fine, using them as they come will result in a stronger flavour (slightly stronger than intended). There is no need to buy huge amounts of vegetable glycerine, you can pick a small 200ml bottle up in most high street chemists, Boots for example. Top up your shortfill and then stash the remaining vegetable glycerine away, ready for your next shortfill.   

Why do shortfill's exist?

Shortfill Eliquids first came to market after the TRPR (Tobacco & Related Products Regulations), which is now EU law. That in itself is a new blog in itself so we won't go in to too much detail about the TRPR in this article, we'll just highlight how this law affected the eliquid market and why shortfill juice was created.

One of the biggest regulations in the TRPR is, the size of your eliquid bottles (that contain nicotine) must be 10ml or less - and contain no more than 20mg nicotine. Of course the vaping community hates this regulation with a passion, those fiddly little 10ml bottles, tonnes of extra waste and a more expensive product to the end user.

Quick thinking eliquid manufactures soon came up with the idea of their customers adding the nicotine to their liquids themselves. Being that the nicotine free eliquids are not covered by the TRPR regulations - we can all continue to enjoy our large bottles of eliquid, and so - the mighty shortfill was born.