Vapefly Siegfried Mesh RTA - Unboxing and Build Guide

We've recently got hold of the new Vapefly Siegfied Mesh RTA which is already a staff favourite, the flavour from this thing is superb! So Simon got to grips with it and here's some more information on it, including a build & wicking guide.

Vapefly Siegfried Mesh RTA Clouds and Flavour

RRP = £44.99
Sale price £35.99 (Save 20%)

Vapefly have always been known to produce innovative and high quality vape gear and the Siegfried is no exception, a quirky wicking system makes this one of the easiest Mesh RTA to build with its centred juice flow, more on that later.

You can spot a Vapefly product on the shelf from a mile away with their unique German box style and it's always well packaged.

Vapefly Siegfried RTA Box

Designed by German 103 & Vapefly
Anti dry burn system
For both mesh coil and normal single coil
Side airflow brings huge cloud and fabulous flavour
Top filling with XL size big capacity
Tank height:69.0mm
Diameter: 25.2mm
Drip tip: 810
Material: SS
Capacity: XL

The Siegfried comes polythene wrapped, an outer sleeve with some nice artwork and plenty of information on the features, authenticity scratch code, but strangely there's no list of the wealth of included goodies so it was a nice surprise to see what was included. The main box is a classy Black 2 piece box with a gold embossed Vapefly logo, it has two notches to make it frustration free to pop open.

Vapefly Siegfried Top Layer

The top layer has the actual RTA and a spare glass section, a nice little tough was a ribbon tab to help you pull out the top layer, a nice touch and yet another frustration free packaging example.

In the box
You get quite a generous bundle of goodies included, Vapefly always give you everything you need to do your first build but the amount of spares and options in this kit is impressive.

I really liked the creative 810 drip tip that's included, not only does it look cool as f**k but it is surprisingly comfortable and the tapered bore smooth's out the draw, nice one Vapefly!
(I'm hoping they sell these separately as they would look good on a few of my other tanks)

Vapefly Siegfried Included Kit

Here's what's including in list form:

  • 1x Siegfried Mesh RTA
  • 1x Prebuilt Coil
  • 4x Mesh coil(Ni80,KA1)
  • 2x Firebolt M cotton
  • 1x Glass tube
  • 1x User manual
  • 3x Screws
  • O-rings
  • 1x Screw driver
  • 1x Coil Rod
  • 1x German 103 Card
  • 1x Warranty card

As you can see; Vapefly have left nothing out and they even include a traditional coil should you want to try it in this configuration, 2 different grades of mesh is also nice, the Ni80 is faster to heat up but both are good fast firing options.

Here's the spares contents un-bagged:

Siegfried Spares Baggie Contents

Stripping the tank down is simple, simply unscrew everything counter-clockwise.......

Vapefly Siegfried RTA Strip-down

The build quality is superb, everything is well machined and there's a few nice features that stand out, the airflow control in particular with its two tiered dual sided design, it's buttery smooth and has just the right amount of resistance.

The actual build deck is the most interesting part and the main innovation, instead of the juice being supplied to wick legs it is centre fed so comes up from underneath the wick, notice the bore underneath the deck and 2 juice holes on the top of the wick section, it might not sound much but it sure made a difference which turned out to be its main strength, more on that during wicking.

For anyone familiar with Mesh RTA's then you will be right at home with the Siegfried as it follows the now classic 'form & clamp' style.

Vapefly Siegfried Build Guide

There was nothing tricky or fiddly in this build, all you have to do is pre-form the mesh strip by rolling it around the provided rod, the main thing is to get it central and absolutely no kinks, it should be perfectly rounded, unscrew the side clamps a little and gently fit the mesh strip all the way down, then tighten the screws, it's best to test dry-burn the mesh at a low wattage (10 watts) and see if the mesh heats up evenly all at once, *if you see a hot spot then it's likely you've kinked the mesh, generally it's best to start again and bin the piece of mesh, but as long as you're gentle when rolling and fitting the mesh it should be fine.

This is where the Siegfried starts to become different to other Mesh RTA's, you still pull the wick through the same but you trim it down far more as you do not need the ends to be long as they play no part in the capillarity action as the juice feeds from underneath.

Trim it down level with the edge of the build deck, you need to trim enough down so that the chimney section fits on without too much resistance, this will make sense when you try, if it is too tight then trim it down a little more.

Once you're happy with that then it's time to FULLY saturate your cotton, to do this; leave it at 10 watts still, pour plenty of juice on the mesh and gently pulse it at 10 watts, keep doing this until you see all of the cotton really soaked (including the sides).

Don't pulse for too long, drip, pulse and you should see it gulp up the juice, stop and repeat until its fully saturated as in the photo.

Vapefly Siegfried Wicking Guide

Once that's done, fit the cap on and screw it down, you can then assemble the rest of the tank and fill her up with your favourite juice, the fill cap is an easy third turn counter-clockwise to release, there's a silicone bladder which makes it mess free to fill, seeing the level is a bit tricky though but you soon get a feel for it.

So pop the top back on and time to road test this mother chucker!

Vapefly Siegfried DL Mesh RTA Review

The Siegfried is a tall fella so after trying it on a few mods for size I settled with the Uwell Valyrian  but it also looked great on my Odin, but sod the looks for now, I just wanted to vape on it!

Taking my professional hat off for my reaction - "Holy Moly this shit's good!" popping my hat back on; the flavour you get from this thing is potentially the best I have had from a mesh RTA and the airflow works so well, the vape is smooth and surprisingly quiet, tweaking the airflow to my liking made it even better.

The 0.2 Ohm mesh had a rating of 50-60 Watts and 60 Watts was spot on for me as I prefer a warmer vape, every draw I took your mind drifts to the incredible flavour you get, vapour production was pretty good.

Vapefly Siegfried Mesh RTA Prime Vapes Review

What Vapefly have done with the Siegfried is nothing short of superb, not only is the vape so flavourful and smooth, it also keeps up wicking so well, I could chain vape this thing and each vape was still nicely saturated which is impressive, this bottom juice flow innovation works a charm.

Let's go back over a few of Vapefly's 'Features' and cover them now we know how it performs:

Designed by German 103 & Vapefly - Can't argue with that.
Anti dry burn system - Yup they achieved that alright!
For both mesh coil and normal single coil - Sod the 'Normal' when the Mesh tastes this good.
Side airflow brings huge cloud and fabulous flavour - I am not going to argue with that.
Top filling with XL size big capacity - Up to 7ml - Nice!
Tank height:69.0mm - He's certainly a tall one, needs a light on top to warn aircraft.
Diameter: 25.2mm - Not too wide and fits most of my mods.
Drip tip: 810 - And a lovely one at that.
Material: SS - I can confirm a magnet doesn't stick to it :p
Capacity: XL - Haven't we covered that?

We are the MOD's, we are the MOD's.........
I've only tried it on a few mods so far, it works best on a dual battery for me but a single 21700 will also work great, Ideally a variable wattage device, I tried it on one of my 21700 mech's and the power drop-off as the battery drained wasn't worth it.

We are the MOD's

You can pick yours up right here at Prime Vapes:

RRP = £44.99
Sale price £35.99 (Save 20%)